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Stupid Aliant


Random Wanderer
I live in the middle of nowhere in New Brunswick and have been stuck with dial up for my whole life (yeah I know:rolleyes: ) and when Aliant (basically has a monopoly over Atlantic Canada communications) rolls in to my puny area and says that they were servicing high speed internet to where we lived; I was so pumped for this. To be sure I went to their website to make sure I could get it and I put my phone number in and it says that I can get it. I was unable to get it at that very moment because my mother had to make an emergency trip overseas to see her sick mother which was an arm and a leg to pay for. I was ok with waiting since that was something that needed to be done but here is when the weird stuff starts happening.

When we had the money we finally order it and the person says that we are able to get it and everything was fine; all we had to do now was wait for the "package" (the modem and stuff) so we can start using it. So I waited and waited but the package never came. We got disgusted with the waiting because our current ISP was about to start a new month and we did not want to pay for it when we would be only using a couple of days of it. So my mother called Aliant and got the basic result of calling any big company (stay on hold, be redirected to somewhere else and hold, repeat). With that getting nowhere we called the person that sold us this package and she checked it out and called us back.

When she called she said that it is unavailable where we live. We know this is completely wrong because both our next door neighbors (both sides) and the house in front of us has the exact same package we were attempting to get for a month or two. We even share the same telephone poll with one of our neighbours! We told them that and even gave names and phone numbers but they stay firm on it. Out or curiosity I went back to the same page that ask for your phone number to see if you can get high speed but now it says I can't. Just to be sure, I put in the numbers of the neighbours that have high speed internet and it says they can't get it. To be 100% sure they had high speed internet we called them and they do. This is just plain stupid. We are not going to give up though...

P.S I know most of the people here have worst situations than I do but this is still annoying.