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Stupid Bitch monitors

I got my celelphone taking away because I took it out for a second to cheeck the time. It was lunch period, its my free period too look at my celephone, and the bitch takes it away. But I got it the next day. But the Dean said that a girl has her celephone out when there was a fire drill, and she couldnt hear it. Who cares for that girl, just because she couldnt hear the fire drill doesnt mean I cant. All girls with celephones these days never pay close attention. A girl one time was driving and turned white talking on the celephone. How can you see while leaning the phone on your shoulder. Thats the main reason of accidents these days.
I wish the fucking school disctrict can be alot more fair.
They dont give a shit about the students.
All they care about is the fucking money.


Hella Constipated
They do that to prevent cheating. You have to suffer because of the dumbfucks.

You also forget that there is a clock in our cafeteria. Just check that.
Yea yea

Yea... but I know my celephone is right, I made sure at home the time is accurate. But I wouldnt cheat though, Only retards with no knowledge would cheat. It doesnt pay to cheat because in the big run you never learn, and you feel depressed. Imi going to make a game company when finish college, I will be like the John Carmack. LOL. John Romero is cool.


so, she was on a cellphone and couldn't hear the fire alarm? what the hell is that?


Somewhere in the Between
how can you not hear a fire drill..........ours is like trying to break ear drums
maybe she didnt pay attention

Maybe she was talking to her b/f and she didnt pay attention. Thats how most girls are.