Stupid, inept coworkers


fasteddie said:
Why not find another job or try to get idiot coworker fired?
I've looked for other jobs (and continue to do so). Problem is, I'm in Portland, OR (read: 2000+ resumes sent to every technical job opening advertised). They say the econmy is in recovery. Really? Oregon and Washington were hit harder than California when the dot-bomb hit. So, the only option left is to get brainiac canned. Unfortunately, that's turning out to be rather difficult. Feels like we work for the federal government


Member smoked too much weed!
badassmtbiker said:
My boss is Indian. He makes jokes about us outsourcing our development to his cousins. Found out last week that his cousin won the bid for a project that we're outsourcing. WTF
I could go on and on about this, but since I like you and all I'll spare ya. This is pure bullshit, not to quote the bible, simply because I can't!! .. there's something about clearing your eye before you help your friend. If there is one person in American willing to do the job, why the fuck are we looking elsewhere?