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Stupid People


Angel of Death
Well I work at a toys-r-us and just got promoted to run the whole front end show. Which is pretty cool, cause I deal with opening up all the registers balancing all the tills and safe, handling returns. Dealing with common cashier problems. Its pretty demanding of me, cause I have to multi-task so much from checking guest out, to handling returns, answering phones, pulling money from draws, dealing with complaints from guest and cashiers.

Now enter stupid people; oh my God are people who shop at stores dumbest pieces of shit ever. Like one lady complains to me about her feeling like people were following her around cause she got asked for help 3 times. 3 times in a 45 minute time frame and she only needed to be asked once. I asked if they were by the same associate and she like “NO”

No shit lady, we don’t jump on our radios and be like I asked the fat ass bitch if she needed help. *rolls eyes*

People who can not read and understand simple policy.

40 days with electronics, need receipts, no returns on open merchandise unless its for the same item.
90 days with recipe, must be in original packaging

Pay by cash, you get cash or gift card.
Pay by check, need to wait 7 days. (no exceptions)
Pay by credit, goes on the card or gift card ( no exceptions)

So now I show you this, read it to you, explain it to you… that we have no control of company policy why are you still bitching at me about it. READ before you BUY. We aren’t fucking Wal*Mart. One lady was mad cause she was on her cell phone and told me she just needed a return, couldn’t so much as give me any info, so I heard her say that it was for her sister-in-law, seen is was paid by credit card, she expected me to give her cash back. Was like I can’t do that.

You can get a gift card and that’s all, she got off her phone to yell at me. Show her policy she still yelling at me. Call up manger, she still yells about me not telling her about it. Never mind the fact I did and you told me

“Quite I am on the phone and to just get it done!”

Dumbass bitch fucker.

Then a guy threatens to kick my ass and bend me over to rape me like I was doing to him something like that. All over a goddamn $7.99 item we didn’t return. Call manger, manger ask him to leave, guy says make me, we call cops.

Took them 5 minutes to get to our store, in that time the man manage to almost knock over a lady and her baby, call us all pig fuckers. Real SMART…. Here your fine and hopefully jail time, cause they said this is not the first time they had to remove this guy from a store….

So I spent 45 minutes writing out a report on him….. Way to waste my time, all because you couldn’t return an open movie, that was for $7.99

What was wrong with the movie? He thought it would be better….

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
the lady who wanted cash for the credit card recipe may have been trying to execute a scam. people sometimes get recipes they find in the trash (outside a store for example) then go in the store, pick up the item and go over to the return desk and want cash for it.

other than that people are stupid, unfortunately there is a subclass of idiot out there that many of us don't see often and when we do it's chaos.


Once a month, we lock water meters out in the system that are overdue. When our employees lock a meter, they leave a note on the front door. After the meters have been locked, the Plant operators get a list of who got locked, how long they've been dilenquet, how maytimes they've been dilenquient, how much they owe, and the address, and account number.

People call us and are like "We don't have any water..."

I ask for their name.

It's on the list.

"But we sent the check off yesterday!"

"Sorry ma'am, But the office opens at 7:30 in the morning, and closes at 4:00, you'll have to call back then"

"You aren't going to fix it tonight then?"

"No, goodbye"



(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
It took me a couple times to figure out that you didn't mean recipes...

When you spellcheck, don't just click "replace" every time, make sure you don't say "expectations" for "exceptions", "Good" for "God", "recipes" for "receipts", etc.

I normally don't mind typos, but this was bad to the point where it interfered with my understanding of the story.

On-topic, I know what you mean. I had some guy yell at me (inconsequential temp worker) about a $50 price hike in his registration to a Softball league. I can't help you buddy, but I'd be glad to let you talk to my manager. But no, you just want to keep on bitching...


Banned - What an Asshat!
WizardlyFriend said:
the lady who wanted cash for the credit card recipe may have been trying to execute a scam. people sometimes get recipes they find in the trash (outside a store for example) then go in the store, pick up the item and go over to the return desk and want cash for it.
We had a lady try that on us, and it didnt work, because we check each style number with the receipt and each one is different.

But anyways, I hear ya. I've had more than my fair share of idiots, and it sucks.