Stupid People...


Banned - What an Asshat!
SOo.. here is a log of one of my conversation with a "INTELIGENT" person... he is my friend, unfortunally.

1.- First I showed him this video:

it went on from there....

THE_IDIOT!: yea ive seen that
fuckface: cool..
THE_IDIOT!: it sucks though because Kerry wont be pulling men out of iraq anyway
fuckface: they were not suppose to be there!
fuckface: that was my point earlier..
fuckface: but whatever
fuckface: i dont give a fuck
THE_IDIOT!: the reason we were there is because the United States is the superpower in the world, we've been policing the world for decades man
fuckface: lol
THE_IDIOT!: every war we've done has been for that reason
fuckface: you are right...
fuckface: i am an idiot.. didnt realize that
fuckface: sorry!
THE_IDIOT!: well for real man, thats why we have troops in Israel to make sure the 2 idiots don't kill each other too much.
THE_IDIOT!: same reason we always helped in the World Wars
THE_IDIOT!: we're the country with the most power so we have to step in and stop the dissenters
THE_IDIOT!: no its not a good reason to do it
THE_IDIOT!: but it has to be done
fuckface: so why aren't you there?
fuckface: lol
fuckface: hmm...
fuckface: and then again
THE_IDIOT!: im not dumb enough to go get my arm blown off
fuckface: what about
fuckface: cuba
fuckface: korea
fuckface: china
fuckface: venezuela
fuckface: colombia
fuckface: all those african countries
fuckface: ?
fuckface: i said sorry
fuckface: have a good day now
THE_IDIOT!: you need to follow along with the news throughout the decades, we may be entering a war with Syria and Saudia Arabia in the future
fuckface: i said. sorry... have a good day now!

I hate stupid PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The Iron Lung
the only thing stopping me from verbally trouncing fuckface, is that i just cant understand where he is going with this...either he is a complete noob, or hes trying very hard to express himself but his gorilla handler wont give him any help. either i said, ripe for the trouncing.