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Stupid Pneumothorax


Soul Doubt
First off - Let me explain what pneumothorax is, as most of you probably have never heard of it (I know I hadn't until today)...

"pneu·mo·tho·rax Audio pronunciation of "pneumothorax" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nm-thôrks, -thr-, ny-)

Accumulation of air or gas in the pleural cavity, occurring as a result of disease or injury, or sometimes induced to collapse the lung in the treatment of tuberculosis and other lung diseases." -

Apperantly you can also get it by "growing too fast" as the doctor said, or just out of the blue...

About a month ago I started getting recurring pains in my left shoulder, which felt like a sword (hypothetically) being jabbed into my shoulder and into my lung, which then turned and felt like it was being pierced into my throat and into my ear... I told my mom, and she passed it off as "allergies" ... Alright, I get watery eyes, coughs etc. from summer and spring, maybe it is allergies...

Yesterday at work I started getting the pains again but there was nothing I could do really to stop it (I usually laid down or something to reduce the pain, took an advil) so I just coped with it... I got off at 9:30 since I was on closing shift, and told my mom to take me to the doctor's and she went on about how I was on a waiting list for a doctor for about a year since my old doctor was a pediatrician...

Today she comes to my room and she's all "come on I'm taking you to the doctor..." and we go there and I get looked at and he says I might have pneumothorax and may need surgery... I got x-rays done and I will probably have to see the doctor on my birthday since I work tomorrow... I was planning on spending a lot of time with my girlfriend since we hardly see each other since I've started working, so I hope I don't have to get surgery ASAP, since ASAP would mean Wednesday (24th - my birthday) or Thursday (25th) when I get my paycheque (and have yet another day off)..

Bleh, Even if I don't have pneumothorax, there's something wrong with my lungs, and its going to suck to find out what it is :(


Soul Doubt
sideshow_bob said:
That sucks dude that you've got a jacked up lung. Since you're sick and all I won't say anything about the anti-smoking thread...
ehh - If this is cancer or lung disease or something related to second hand smoke opposed to pneumothorax, There will be a few less people in this world, lets just say it that way, and lets hope that there's computers and internet in my local prison

I'm not even going to worry about cancer or anything like that, though, since it apperantly has different symptoms


I highly doubt allergies are going to make you feel like King Arthur is kicking your ass. And from what I heard, pnemuothoraxomosis or whatever it is, is just a fancy way to say punctured lung. I figured you were playing football or something and got your rips poking into your lung or something. But that completley blows dude. They say you only need one lung to live, but you can get transplants, cant you?

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
I've heard about this before, I'm sorry to hear about it Boycott, I really hope you're ok, and hey if they found it now, and if they get it over and done with it's out of the way right, I hope all goes well with you, and sucks its on your birthday.
Chin up. :)


Soul Doubt
thanks meh :)

Me, Play football? heh...
They can fix it with surgery... luckily its not open surgery but its still sticking something down my throat and it still sucks