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Sudden reflection.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Sudden Reflection.

Cassandra had just got in from work; she slipped off her brown winter coat, and laid it over the chair right next her front door.
She didn’t want it wrinkling.

One shoe hit the wall, and then the second as she swiftly walked down the hallway, she didn’t have much time to get washed and dressed before tonight.

With the water just hot, she jumped in the shower and started to wash, after 20 minutes, with a grab of her towel and a shake of her hair - she started to organize what to wear from her dresser.
She picked out a white shirt with a black knee high skirt, pulled her wet hair from under her shirt and put on her shoes.

Cassandra made her way to the kitchen, she didn’t have much time for lunch at work today, she opened the fridge and took a dish of pasta to the kitchen counter where she noticed the white note her husband had left her this morning.

“I won’t be home tonight.” She ripped it up and threw it behind her and hurriedly started to heat the pasta.

Cassandra didn’t have the best marriage, far from it. Her husband was her high-school sweetheart, none of their dreams planned out; they didn’t dream they were going to get married.
Cassandra thinking she was pregnant back then, that’s the first thing they did.
Of course once again, her hopes and dreams didn’t plan out, after the lost of her child, the two were stuck in a marriage that wasn’t planned out, and wasn’t thought through, a tie between two people with unfulfilled dreams and wants.

Cassandra ate quickly as she only had a few hours left. She needed to be ready; she wanted for this night the whole of her life.
Ever since she was young and her mother read her stories of the wildest things possible, Cassandra always wanted more.

She went to the hall and pulled on her coat, one gaze at the mirror to her side, and out the door.

She got in her car, and drove off.

It took her an hour in this kind of traffic late at night; everyone was trying to get back home after busy days at work.

She arrived and pulled over to the pavement and parked, opened the door and stepped out of her car.

She looked up at the big building in front of her, It was rather black and dusty from all the city fumes.
Much darker than she memorized from her last visit, she stepped closer to the big front doors and locked her car.

A cold wind blew, she tugged at her coat to keep her warm while pushing the door, it was very stiff and made a loud noise that echoed through the whole street.

It was extremely dark as she stepped inside.

I need to write a short story, Feedback is welcome. :)