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Sunburns *winces* And Nuts


Yesterday was my bf's 20th birthday and I decided that it would be super fun to pack up and go to an amusement park called "Valleyfair" for the day. So we got a bit of a late start and left around 10:30. We got to the park at about 12 ish and missed the rush to get in. So that was nice. We had our picture taken in front of the water fountain (Turned out super duper cute!) and headed in to the park. We did a few of the thrill rides and decided that since it was sunny and about 80 degrees that we'd head to the water park. We had a blast on all the water rides and then laid in the lazy river. Afterwards we sat out on the lounge chairs to dry off in the sun before we got dressed and both ended up falling asleep. To get to the point, we both fried. Even his legs are sunburnt. (But only on the one side cuz he fell asleep then rolled over on to his side.) So we spent the rest of the day not really touching each other cuz it hurt so badly. I'm still wincing when he puts his hand on my shoulders.

Ok, so after we leave the park we head towards my house and stop to eat at a place called "Green Mill". I'd never eaten there and I thought it sounded good to try. I excused myself to the ladies room when we were seated and asked out waitress if they do anything special for birthdays. They did. So after supper the waitress asks what he wants for his special birthday desert. Anything from the menue, on the house. So he picks this brownie margarita. It's vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, this marshmallow fluff sauce thing, and brownies in a margarita glass. All was going well until I saw that the brownies had nuts in them. My bf had an allergic reaction and we had to run and get him some allergy pills before it got too bad.

The good news is that he said it was the best birthday he's ever had in his entire life. I guess I did a job well done. :cool:


I read the title and thought it was going to be some horrific story about some poor ole' boy in unmentionable pain because of his unmentionables, and He gets a brownie...

GOOD FORM! :thumbsup:


Kiss my Converse
I think the worst sunburn I have EVER had involved a day at teh lake and a 12 pack of brew, the alcohol dehydrated me and made it that much worse.
Anyway ... try soaking in vinegar, it takes the heat out.


Good title. Hope the sunburn gets better soon. Sorry about the nuts getting in his mouth, glad he didn't suffocate because of them.