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Sun's controversial ads & Sun vs. Dell


Sun Censored but Not Silent
Top business publications refused to run our bold ad concepts because the headlines were thought too controversial. At Sun, we're the radical engineers that build "ass-whoopin" technology - we're not Miss Manners and we never want to be. We ask all you contrarians out there to e-mail us your own provocative ad headlines: [email protected]. See the remarkable benchmarks for the new Sun Fire tm X2100, X4100, and X4200 64 bit X86 servers and you'll understand why we have license to brag.

Sun also flew a over Dell's Campus.
So in Round Rock Texas today there was a sight to be seen, a plane flying a banner announcing Sun Microsystems’ new 64-bit server was seen. It flew for about 2 hours, circling around one area of town specifically. Several took note of it. This may not seem odd had it not been flying around the main location for Dell Inc. Dell’s biggest and questionably most important campus, home of Michael Dell himself, was the obvious target for the flag waving plane. The banner warned Dell to “watch out” for it’s new 64-bit server. Hundreds of Dell employees left the building to watch the flying messege.

I too saw the plane. Not only was there a plane, check out this propaganda prepared for launch off Sun’s Site.

I will try to round up some photos if I can.

Here’s Photo number one.

Good game, Sun. :thumbsup:


Hella Constipated
Ya know, those ads look like the work of Goodby, Berlin, and Silverstein, the same guys who did the Sega Scream and Got Milk? ad campaigns.

Call me crazy for saying this, but I come from a family or marketers and I am one myself, and it's got their edgy style, font sizing, and "sneak-up" layout.