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The Iron Lung
I came to this realization a couple of weeks ago. T.V is fucking disgusting. If you think about whats happening when you watch T.V you'd be appalled. You sit there and are bombarded with images and sounds that pretty much try to force you into being a ravenous consumer. How many of you feel guilty when you flip past the commercial with the little starving kids in Pakistan or whatever? Do you think about those kids when you see your own little chubby kids playing outside? I bet not, you were made to feel sorry for those kids so you would give that company 15 cents a day. Can you fathom the amount of LIFE that you spend watching ads on the T.V? It is absolutely revolting. And when you actually get to the "program" that you want to watch, its all about "them" deciding what you should feel or think about the situation, inserting pre-recorded laughs or moans of sorrow, what the fuck is that!! Are people so stupid that they need a fucking cue to know when to laugh or feel sorry for something?. Nothing is safe from this monster that we've created. Love, Religion, get your half-hour dose of conditioning to tell you how you "should" react to these things and then its off for another 10-15 minutes of overt pro-consumerism propaganda "Buy this for your kids and they'll be happy", "Get your wife diamonds and she'll love you more", "If you buy,eat,drink,drive this you can be cool like this guy". I'm sure you've heard all of this before, I just had to see if I could make one more person see how fucking gross it is to waste your short-ass life being forced to accept images and ideas that arent your own.

this was originally alot longer...but i cut some out so you wouldnt get too bored. High-Five if you read it all.

edit: I just noticed....why the fuck should I have to cut it short? Are your attention spans so greatly decreased that if I dont have flashing lights and loud noises on my post...your attention will gradually drift away? Or maybe my writing is a tad rambling....either way fuck you. :mfinger:


How dare you!?
im glad you cut it short.. but the point is there and i agree totaly. its quite revolting how bad it has become.
But that is why i try to keep t.v. to a min. in my life. I must admit that i sit in front of the computer for quite a bit but atleast i can communicate with friends and family.
But t.v. when it first came out was a major family thing now with things like the superbowl insident you really have to be careful.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Capitalism. People will buy what you tell them to buy because we are gullible, over-trustworthy of strangers, and have a desire... no... an obligation to meet the status quo.
ChilianFuckFace said:
I don't watch tv. The only time I ever turn that thing on, is to watch a good movie. Other than that, TV is pretty much worthless.
Same here. The thing that really makes me mad is all the gay programing. Being politicly correct and trying to force me to belive that being gay is fine and accepted and normal.


Chaotic Neutral
The united states can't survive without capitalist propaghanda (ads publicity medias) because the whole system relies on capitalism. Without that propaghanda there is less consummation > less production > less jobs > less consummation and so on until it all crashes down.

Although I agree that TV sucks... Except for the Simpsons.

justin_yz426 said:
Same here. The thing that really makes me mad is all the gay programing. Being politicly correct and trying to force me to belive that being gay is fine and accepted and normal.
Are you gay? Cause you seem to be afraid of homosexuality.. Why be afraid of it if you're straight?


Banned - What an Asshat!
Rage against said:
Although I agree that TV sucks... Except for the Simpsons.
Must AGREE. I don't have time to watch the Simpsons, but back in high school it would be the only show I watched. I wish they had the Simpsons online...
i know a family that does not have a single tv in their house. their kids are the most intelligent, literate teenagers i have ever met. why? they READ. (remember reading? ahh... the good old days.)

i have an 11-year-old sister. anyone who thinks TV has no effect on children needs to spend a day with her.

Mr Cliche

The Chosen
True ey..

Fear and Consumerism. That's what modern society is based on. First you hear you should lock your doors because the world is full of terrorists (which it isn't) then you hear your girlfriend won't fuck you because you don't buy this type of toothpaste. It's gross.


Newsroom Thats Pissed!!
I have to agree with you guys, TV is a very bad influence on the children of today. Even though I am still in High School I have come to this realization. Its sad how much the US relies on brainwashing its citizens into thinking that they need every new thing that comes out on the market. Sure there are countries out there who come right out and say when you can and cant do or what you have to do, but at least they dont lie about doing it like the US does. Oops got a little off topic there. TV bombards us with images and sounds constantly telling us what to do, how to feel, what to buy, what to look like, who to love, everythign you can imagine. It is so horrible that it is disgusting. The only good things on TV are: The discovery channel, the history channel, the food network and Cartoon network (Adult swim mainly, most of the other stuff as gone too far downhill lately) Oh and Turner Clasic Movies is good too. Those channels generally, notice I do say generally, keep the propaganda to a minimum. Its still there, just not as apparent as on MTV, NBC, ABC, CBS etc. I try to keep my TV watching to a minimum, in fact I mainly only turn it on when im goign to bed so I have something to listen to, but I have to admit that I do watch it sometimes and I do have some favorite shows that I tend to watch each week. TV is a mindwashing machine of the hugest proportions, and the American public has been sucked into it and there is little hope of escaping. :(