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Oppressing your posts...
Ok so my wife works at Taco Bell to make a bit of extra cash for us... but thats not the problem...

Taco Bell runs commercials regularly such as the Fresh made border bowl commercials and now the crunch wrap supreme... Apparently people find it amusing to themselves to walk into a taco bell and imitate these commercials... Such as people used to come into her store and do the border bowl commercial where the guy starts to order a border bowl and stops to make the guy in the back run and stop and confused like... now they are imitating the crunch wrap ordering it "good to go..."

Why can't these people be struck down and sent to hell where demons will anally violate them with small dogs daily?
Toxic Smell, that's what I call it. Yet I still eat there occassionally. Hmmmmmm

Anyways, yeah those commercials are annoying. My foot is "good to go" right up the ass of the marketing brainstorm behind that idea. Good to go. Pfft. This just might be more annoying than the chihuahua......


Hella Constipated
LiberatioN said:
Yea, I figured something like that would happen. Jerks, the lot of 'em.

"Chlorphyl? More like BOREorophyl!! AM I RITE?"
Lol, repped for the Billy Madison reference.