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Tale of a programmer.


Dreaming to live
(play format is easy to write)

Big George: Hey John, come look at this.

John: What is it BG?

BG: Well a week ago I started making these AIs, but I gave them an enclosed envioronment, and some basic commpulsory instructions.

J: But AI's have those by nature.

BG: Yes, but this envioronment is closed to this exact console and their instructions aren't about completing a job for us, its just random compulsory instructions that they have to complete in order to continue their existance. Also there are instructions that are not absoulutly necessary, but they have incentives to complete them.

J:*quizically* such as...?

BG: Exploring the environment, increasing their understanding of it, spending a ceratain amount of time inactive, and making copies of itself.

J: *puzzled, then concerned* You mean to tell me that you gave them free will, the ability to replicate, and emotions?!

BG: Relax, like I said they are isolated to this console, they have no awareness of us. Them thinking about us is like unto us thinking about 5th dimention mathematics.

J: *thinks for a while* Well, this console has limited memory so...

BG: Right, there is only so much space they can occupy. I took this into account, so I made some considerations. Each AI can only exist for a limited amount of time, the AIs can only replicate by creating a blend between itself and another AI. This takes some effort on the part of the AIs and it takes a relatively long time. I started out with only two AI's with some basic differances in their programs. Immediately they began to make copies at an amazing rate, as I predicted. But as time wore on, the AIs became much more advanced, much more self-aware, also as I predicted. So after couple of days I programmed in some new instructions into a few of the AIs.

J: What were they?

BG: First of all I made them aware that I was their creator, they could not understand who I am but I definately am. I also told them that they must stop destroying one another. Nex..

J: You gave them the ability to destroy one another?!

BG: Yeah, another precaution to keep them from overpopulating.

J: But why then tell them to stop the destruction?

BG: Because destroying each other is so vulgar, remember they still have free will, this is just a deterrant. Now as I was saying, I next planted instructions to respect those who replicated them into being. You see, this will enforce their respect for me since I created all of them.

J: Why is it so important that they respect you?

BG: It's a way to enhance the conflict between the AIs and therefore increase the differentiation. You see I also gave the AIs in question compulsion to spread the knowledge that they had gained. Now there is a group growing that has certain ideas about their existance that are in contrast to everything that the other AIs have come up with.

J: *frowns sadly* Isn't it kind of cruel to set them against each other like that?

BG: *laughs* Please John, they're only AIs, they exist to serve me.

J: But they have emotions...

BG: C'mon John, you don't actually think that they can feel in the same way we do? They're just AIs. They caused all this to happen anyway.

J: *harsher* But you created them, you gave them free will, you predicted everything that would happen to them up to this point. You're responsible for them!

BG: You just don't understand John, even though I planned out exactly how they would be doesn't mean they I caused them to act the way they do. That's silly.

J: *sighs* So what are you planning to do with all this?

BG: I've got some plans in mind, but regardless of that it's been a fun project.

J: A fun project?! You...

(THE BOSS enters)

THE BOSS: John, get back to work.

J: Er... yeah, ok, sir.

(John exits, wrapped up in his own thoughts)

THE BOSS: *turns to BG* George, I'm getting concerned about your performance here. You've been using the company's equipment for your personal activities, which you know is against the rules. Your performance has also been slipping. You are a salaried employee of this company and that means when we call on you, *glares* you do what we tell you to.

BG: Y-yes sir.

(THE BOSS exits glancing over his shoulder at Big George)

BG: *scowls* Man I hate that guy.



Dreaming to live
Draw your own conclusions.

I know it might have been a little boring, but I hoped I was able to draw you in.

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