WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Taters & Haters - What the fuck it is / What the fuck it isn't!

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Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Let me spare some of you some time (TL;DR - Too Long, Don't Read). :rolleyes:

Bored_Poster: Hey you all suck, bow down to me!
Bored_Anal_Poster_With_Delusions_They_Matter: Why is this in Taters???? ZOMG! You suck
Bored_Poster: NO U

Taters and Haters is here for anyone who feels like flaming or starting shit. Don't post here if you don't want to be called lame, or worthless, or uninteresting... etc. Don't read something if you don't fucking feel like it.

Stop assuming you know WTF this forum is here for, and what should and should not be fucking here! Stop posting if you just don't want to get your feelings hurt. Stop preaching how "lame" something is, if it was truly that lame you wouldn't fucking respond to it now would you?

Taters and Haters is here for people who want to spout off about something/someone and not worry about being bounced out of the bar for it, especially as not to shit up threads outside of here. That's the ONLY real rule here besides the threatening physical harm/racism and porn no-no's.

In addition, if you get damned bored of reading content in Taters and Haters and become "tired" of all the "bullshit" threads, fucking make one yourself. More than likely it will be just as lame as the ones you fucking call out!

P.S. You all suck. Have a fuckin' day. :p

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Taters & Haters is NOT a dumping ground for those attention starved whores posting going away threads.
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