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Teacher's Crisis


My public speaking teacher just had a death in her family. (Her 35 yr old sister passed away. I don't know why though, and I didn't think that it was my place to ask since she's having a really hard time with it.) But now her personality is completely different. I understand that she's greiving, but I feel that she's partly taking it out on us. She has implimented many new policies, such as stricter time restraints on power point presentations, and she went from a generally nice person to this cold, hard, prude. I understand where she's comming from, and my class is really behind in the other sections, but I feel like she's taking her grief out on us. I guess it's so bad that she's lost most of her memory and she took her dog's thyroid meds. this morning. I hope that doesn't do anything to her. Anyway, I just wanted to post because I can't really talk to her about it in the state that she's in right now. I guess I can just be glad that the semester is almost done and I won't have her for any classes next semester.


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treat this as a similar situation in the workplace and take it to her superior. she probably has no idea she is being a pain in the ass but this is your class's one shot at this term and having it screwed up by a teacher's personal issues isn't acceptable.. approach the dept head or whatever and tell them the class is suffering.

Captain 151

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What a difficult spot that lady is in. Shouldn't your school give her some time off to mourn and what not? That just seems like the most appropriate thing to do.


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Leave her alone.

She's your teacher, not your buddy. Can't you just concentrate on getting good grades and not being behind on any sections?

Perhaps her doc told her canine thyroid meds might perk her up. Make her nose wet and her coat shiny, perhaps.


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You can't let things like this get you down. You gotta live your shit and that's that. There's no time for attractions. This woman isn't here to become your friend, she's here to make sure you get into college and make something of your life. So don't put it on yourself that you have to do something about it. She'll overcome.