Teaching High School OMG WTF was I THINKING !!!!!


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O.K. so now in the Spring, the students are acting the moon is in Full every night!!!

Fights break out, the bi-polar females are nuts, and the males are freaks!

Antelope galloping through the halls beating heads against each other.

Phones are in all classes, halls, lunch, courtyards, bathrooms, it's an epidemic!! Fights, peep shots, you name it

all on film! The administration puts it on the teachers, and the students tell the teachers: "Hell No, you don't pay the bill!"

So we call the office and the kids act like assholes because they get it back at the end of the day and pull the same crap the next day.

Referrals are a joke because the admin has hit there quota so now they literally counsel kids with 47 referrals and

save the suspensions for the 2% left that are extreme-yeah like threatening life, banging heads into glass windows, or pushing teachers. It really is a psychotic

scene when you are one minute then literally fielding verbal abuse for not allowing kids to stall with questions or avoid work. Then you have to deal with being

called out by kids who when I mapquested come from literally holes patched with tape and aluminum foil to be called trailers. I went home in tears today

because of the number of personal attacks, I took from a few female

students. Talking down to me, calling me a dog, slamming my door, using sarcastic ugly talk, telling me I am bipolar because yesterday I was ok and today I hate them-WRONG BiOTCH I

HATE YOU EVERY DAY LOL...calling me a Bitch, throwing my activity on the floor, ripping books, tossing out the second packet I have given them of the

lessons we are on, throwing my markers, stealing my coke and drinking it after it was half empty. I monitor, walk around and they still get up when they want,

tell me off when I write them up. Come in the day after detention wasting the first 10 minutes yelling at me for making them go to detention, then saying how

if they fail because of all these stupid ass decisions they make on a daily basisthat somehow it is my fault. I have had it with being a doormat to kids who cannot spell, read, or write on the 4.6 grade level in the 10th grade. How can they act so rude, snobby, and

act so arrogant when they have nothing at all going for them except that 1000 dollar smartphone? I hate how my admin team is scared of them and smiles through it all and kindly

reminds them of the rules. We need a retired army general to come in this school and raise HELL!!! Line them up and make them do pushups until they puke, run a mile after lunch, have

morning hour be tutoring and test prep online and then tutoring after school with ARMY ROTC. I hate how the kids own, run and dismantle the school and they tell us as they hand us

papers: "Could ya grade this right quick?" My answer: "Um, you want me to read through all of it?" Them: Well yeah", Me: "OK well after I have dinner and my coffee, and I practice the

spelling words, and reading assignments with my own kids at home, and wash clothes, and clean the dishes, I will look at all 170 of the papers that were handed in today." Student: "NO.

I mean right now before I turn it in I want to know if it's right so I can fix it." Me-"Huh, so you want me to tell you what explanations are wrong?" Student: "Yeah" [email protected]! WTF!!!!!!!!!! NO<


Anyways, yeah they are bugging the shit outta me, dress code, lazy, no effort, rude, mean, disrespectful, and that's just one class. The rest of the classes are ok. I really don't like having

one particular class with 5 sped and 15 modified kids and no help. But overall it is just that one class I wish I could call a sub for every day.

The thing is--- I am really a cool person, I am funny, sarcastic, I love to read, sing, and rap (corny raps), to my class, I dress my age, (40s), and I am pretty laid back about most things,

but they really have been so moody, it feels like I don't know what group I am getting, the overly nice, the assholes from hell, the aliens from Australia, who knows! I know one thing, I

have to keep them soooo busy, I act like everything is mega important for their grades, and I call home more often and text more than I have in 12 years of teaching. This school only passes about 22/100 kids, but you have to teach here before you can apply around the district, so I am stuck for another year. Maybe next year I will take the approach- no enemies, no hostages, stick a deadline on everything, start robo emails and calls, and just not give a fuck for a while until I can teach somewhere I will make a difference...any advice?​
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tl;dr but I loved teaching high school. I teach 6th these days and I love it, too. Spring SUCKS for teachers. Hang in there, it's almost over.