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Teenage prank or disturbed individual?


My grandma shared a story with me about them first moving into their home. They built the house around 30 years ago and are still living there.

They had been there for a couple weeks and had already unpacked everything. One night around 1:30 am my grandma woke up to their radio playing full blast downstairs. She woke up my grandfather who had somehow stayed asleep. She followed him downstairs turning on all the lights and shut off the radio. My grandpa was convinced it was some kind of short circuit so they both went back to sleep. The next morning in the living room they found a footstool moved under the light and one bulb out of three was removed and nowhere to be found. That was the only thing out of place; nothing in the house seemed to have been stolen. They asked everyone they knew and none of them admitted to a prank or anything else.

The person obviously wanted them to know someone had been there. The downstairs has very large windows everywhere so the person most likely watched them come down to shut the radio off. After 30 years nothing similar has happened.

I can reach the lights myself standing flat footed so the person was most likely a young teenager. No lights were left on. They just removed the one bulb, turned on the radio to full blast and bolted.

What a weird ass prank right?
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Sounds like some Manson family type shenanigans … they did burglaries they called "creepy crawlies" where they just moved a load of shit around


...but didn't make noises, the drugs made them super quiet.. maybe your grandparents built the house on an ancient burial ground.. ie ghosts.