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Short Story i wrote, please excuse the grammer problems

I wake up from a nine month slumber gasping for air, crying because I left the place I called home. I am healthy child, but my mother didn’t seem to want me. She craved the dollar and forced child support on my father. I don’t really remember my father being a major part of my childhood but I know he was out there. I would always see his signature on the checks he sent through the mail. I always wanted to see him face to face, I always admired his naval picture, which was in my sister's room. A Christmas when I was in the 4th year of school was the first time I remember seeing my biological father. I was very happy to see him, but kept a distance. I lived in a 2 story house, with my parents divorced I’m sure the child support money went to the mortgage. I grew up in North Carolina for my elementary years, still very ignorant of my mothers devastating actions.
I move to Tennessee, very different from my place of my memories. Tennessee, full of hicks proud of their southern heritage, home cooking, and the Confederate flag. With their multicultural heritage, you have to hold you tongue or your going to be jumped. I was a very quite kid, holding my thoughts to myself so I wouldn’t get myself into trouble. I was of Asian heritage so I didn’t make friends that easily. My new home was up in the mountains, a total turn-around from life on the beach. I hope to go back to my hometown, but all hopes are lost. My mom married to a local, Nascar fan (obviously), so she had ties to her new husband. I always had my suspicions of my mother, but I ignored them because she was the best person in the world to me. I rarely saw my dad, he was always away on trips out to sea. He was stationed in Norfolk, and his chances of ever seeing me again were slim. It depressed me because he savored every moment he had with me, while my mother enjoyed her alcoholic drinks.
When I also moved to Tennessee, I also inherited 2 step-brothers. They were in the video games and what-not. I didn’t really like the video games, but they were fun to watch. Killing people and creatures from other worlds seemed really cool. I wasn’t very hand-eye coordinated so I chose not to embarrass myself. Even if I asked, they would have blown me off, those jerks. Often their video game friends would come over to spend the night. I didn’t waste my time to get to know them, I know they would get jealous of me.
I had every reason to hate my life, but I didn’t. I didn’t need much material needs, I was a very small child. Not needing new clothes or much food, my mom only shopped at Wal*Mart once a month. I was into things like puzzles and logical problems. I liked to do silent activies, away from civilization. It seemed as if my life was set up, or was planned out in front of me on a platter. I didn’t like what I saw so I just ignored it. I had a good life, my own computer, television, and phone but I never used them because I thought technology would kill me eventually. I never had a true commitment to anything, I tired many things but I lost interest.
I wasn’t really fond of Nascar, I saw cars everyday on the way to school, I didn’t see a point in watching more of them. My sister kept cooped up in her room, boys and high school was more important then family. My mother enjoyed her beer. So I didn’t really have anyone to talk to throughout the first 14 years of my life. I usually went on long walks through the woods, to think out problems that I couldn’t seem to solve. The video games made to much noise to life in the woods was another escape from technology. My parents didn’t really care much for my life, so I could leave when ever, and they wouldn’t care.
I met this girl my sophomore year of high school. We didn’t really talk but I was very fond of her since I saw her. She wasn’t the popular type, so I’m sure I could befriend her easily. She was in my Geometry class, but she always slept in that class. She must have been really tired or just hated the subject. I never got her name, I was always curious, but the female kind is very mysterious. When she woke up late, it was only me and her in the room and I said ," Hi I’m Brad." She ignored me and walked off. She must have been still tired, or thought I was a total nut chase. I've never had a girlfriend before ( any friend at that) so it must have been something I said. God, I wish my dad was here right now. I have these thoughts that I haven’t had before, very perverted. Was it normal... to have these wondrous thoughts of the opposite sex. I cant really talk to my step-dad , he would probably give me the general " Go ask your mom!". But that’s just wrong, asking," Mom I have fantasies about women, is that normal?".
What could I do... I just went on solving this logical equation. I don’t think the solution to girls have a formula, so I tried the whole punk look. Still she thought I was a total loser, and ignored me totally. I tried the skater look, still not a peep. Not even the "popular" look, she didn’t make a sound. After much effort and work she finally wrote me a note. It stated "Why have you changed your look so much? I have tried to figure you out, but you seem so random! I am deaf, I lost my hearing last year. I would like to get to know you better, but I wanted to tell you that I am abnormal. You are a hogtie btw, silent but hot. Clara" I was blown away!
My note wrote, " Hey Clara, sup? Nothing much here. I just read your note and I was blown away by it. I never knew I was that good looking, well now I know ^_^. Being a mute isn’t abnormal at all. Its ok I can deal with it. I would love to go out with you. I have never had a girlfriend (any friend at that) so everything will be new to me. You might think I am a total loser, 'cause I don’t have any friends. But m also a quite person, so we have something in common. ^_^. Well I’m g2g to bed now, see you in Geometry . Brad.
I gave her the note the next day before school, I watched her facial expressions and it didn’t change at all. After she read the note she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She walk off to her first class. I was excited and try to enjoy the moment, the tardy bell rung and I ran off to class. I tried to focus on my studies but Clara always came to mind. I am sure it was just a phase but I wasn’t sure. I went to Geometry after lunch and I finally got to see Clara again. She actually was awake this time, and every five minutes she would always glance back to see me.
She gave me a note after class that said, "Hey Brad, its alright that you haven’t had a girlfriend before. I don’t have much experience with boys, so its all good. Did you want to go to the movies or something this weekend? I live a block from the theater so I can meet you there. My AIM name is sweetiepie234, so give me an instant message and when can figure out a time to go. ok? see yea Clara. "
I had to figure out how download this "aim", I figured it was on the internet. I logged onto the computer, and made an aim name. I instant messaged her and we arranged a time to go to the movies. I finished up my Biology and Geometry homework and went to bed afterwards.
A couple days later I walked to the theater, about a mile away, and I waited for Clara. About an hour later she walked up, in a pink t-shirt and blue jeans. I bought our tickets to " The Adventures of the Great White Ferret". I thought why did she want to see this movie. I bought the popcorn and soda, and we walked into the theater. It was only us in the theater, we climbed to the top of the stairs. Clara sat beside the wall and I sat next to her. The movie started and we were still the only ones in the theater. I slowly put my arm around her shoulders, when I finally did, she cuddled on my shoulder. Every once in awhile I glanced over and she was always looking into my eyes. I whispered " I love you" into her ear and I moved my other hand onto her thigh. She was slightly startled at this, but she seemed to go with it.
About halfway through the movie I turned my head, and she was still gazing at my face. I leaned my head to the side and kissed her. She leaned into it more, so I opened my mouth to start frenching her. I put my tongue into her mouth, and we slowly started to make out. We didn’t watch the rest of the movie, we just made out for the remained. The credits started to roll and we were asked to leave by the custodians.
We walked out of the theater holding hands, and I said " I'll walk you to your house.". she nodded and started to walk to her house. I didn’t really say anything until we arrived to her street. I said " I love you Clara". We made out again, only for a minute, then she walked off to her house.
I watched her until she entered her front door. I finally figured out that she only wanted to see this movie, so I could get ideas. I ran home, feeling proud of myself. I ran in the house and into my room. I know everyone watched me run into the house. I didn’t care at all. I jumped onto my bed and started to stare at the ceiling. Someone knocked onto the door. I answered the door, and it was my mother. she asked" whats going on". I said " nothing". she said " are you sure" I said "I am absolutely positive". She left my room shaking her head.
Me and Clara did this every weekend for about two months. I loved it, I’m sure she did too. But it got a lot more physical as the dates progressed. She wrote that she loved me very much and wanted to be with me always at the end of each note that she wrote me. I started to sneak into her house in the after hours. We would just sit on the bed and just sit there snuggling. I would kiss her goodnight and leave her to rest. When the relationship started to grow, the relationship need to go to the next level.
Later on I found out, that Clara was a drank alcohol. I really tried to discourage her from doing it but she continued. I went to her house to sneak in again ( around 11 pm ), she opened the front door, very excited to see me. I didn’t know why, she is always very calm. We walked off to her room and she wrote me " Would you like something to drink?" I said " No alcohol." she nodded and ran off to the kitchen. She brought me some soda and it was spiked. I was very drunk, but I didn’t mean to be. The soda was heavily spiked, probably with moonshine. I blacked out and I woke up in her room. Still clothed, but I was under her bed. I didn’t relieve were i was, and I had this horrible headache. I walked home, holding my head. I walked into my room and went back to bed.
She didn’t go to school for a week. Nine days after I blacked out , Clara gave me a note, " Hey Brad, I am very sorry for what happened last Saturday. I took advantage of your body and I raped you. I am very sorry, I didn’t mean to do this. I am so sorry. I found out that I was pregnant, with our child. I was so depressed, I skipped school. I don’t want this baby, and I’m sure you don’t either. I don’t believe in abortion, so I plan on having this baby. I am so sorry I love you Clara" I was absolutely devastated. I didn’t know what to do, I was almost 17 and I had a child to take care of.

...The End
thanks, its a work in progress, meh. Itll be cool to get it published one day. But im only 16, those things can wait.


Banned - What an Asshat!
It's decent. Could use some work, and give me points.


Trance Addict
I'd make the intro a little bit stronger and fix alot of the grammatical errors. Other than that it's pretty good. You can tell there was a good inspiration for the story. Try to stay on topic when you're getting into detail.
thanks Lib, hoping to write another sometime in the coming weeks when i have time.


Toss my salad
Think of a good title yet?

What I found most appealing about your writing was the fact that it was very personal, and kept me engaged for the entire time.
Good writing, I enjoyed it.


Nice writing, however I found one thing wrong with it.

Why would you whisper to her that you love her when she's deaf?