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am i mad? i just sent this to the reception at my college.

Hello. My name is Katherine Towers and I go to college. Im doing AS levels at the moment. I'm 18 and I have attempted 6th form twice already, and even though i achieved good grades I ended up leaving because of stress. Basically so far this term I have totally screwed up.
I was so focused on trying my hardest to work this time. I was even looking forward to college. As soon as I started so many things started going wrong in my life. My brother contracted cancer, my dad had a serious heart attack, I had huge relationship problems and problems with my mum at home, basically everything and I also had a string of illnesses which made me miss school. I had two ear infections at once, my throat was swolen all the time and then I got the mumps. Now my ear has gone up again, with my throat, which never went down. And I apologise and also know this is quite personal to write to reception but im writing this because I do not want to ruin my chances of getting good grades and I have no idea who to write to about this.
Every time I try to sit down and work I cant. Sometimes I dont even turn up to college because I just cant get out of bed and face the world. I have done hardly any coursework and its all piling up and i dont know what to do. The time has come when I have to admit to myself that I am stressed and I need help, I can't do this on my own. Is there anyone in the school that can try and help me get back on track with my school work. I really dont want to screw up yet again. Please if there is anything you can suggest I would be very grateful as this is my very last chance.
thanks, please reply to my address which is xxxxxx

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erm... what exactly do you expect your college to do with this? Call you and sympathize with you? What are you trying to accomplish by sending this out?


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I'm not sure that's really going to do anything, in my experience, the people who get those letters are soulless destroyers of lives who get no greater pleasuer out of life than to crush dreams and pillage small scandinavian villages and monasteries.