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Tell us about your pimples


Do you get them? do you enjoy popping them or do you leave them? where is some strange places you had a spot? did you know they can grow anywhere but the soles of your hand and feet. I had a pimple on my dick once. what is the biggest most explosive pimple you have ever encountered? I love pimples, I would pop all your pimples.. for free.
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Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
Strangest and most explosive was behind my right ear lobe. (it's weird that i remember this) My Dad was a teacher and used to coach the high school girls basketball team. I was just a kid and for whatever reason, I was at a basketball practice. I was playing with my Matchbox cars on the bleachers and one of them fell off the edge. So I went down underneath the bleachers to retrieve it. While I was down there, I started squeezing at the pimple because it kind of hurt and I wanted to be rid of it. It took a little fingertipping and squeezing around but I finally popped that motherfucker. I could feel it and hear it pop. A lot of pus and some blood. It hurt but it felt good, man.

(thinking it might have been a cyst rather than a pimple. whatever)

I'm starting to think that this website is populated by One Schizophrenic person that mans all these different online monikers.
You should see The Blue Cashew. My contention is that half the posters are the same person to drum up conversation and drama. But that has nothing to do with anything in this thread.