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Ten Second Kiss


Petals to my lips.
Sweet aroma, sweet taste.
Eyes are closed, mind opened.
A secret so deep,
without any words.
Told between us, secret unspoken.
Chronus stills his appetite,
infinity of a moment.
Vast void breeched at Hermes’ haste.
Head turned,
nose to cheek.
And fingers, at your waist.
One sigh passed,
out of one, into another.
Lost between us.
So close, your heart
beats with mine.
As two bodies meet at one bust.
Two streams meld,
into a raging river.
From still waters to torrents.
And a tree grasp,
the ground which holds firm.
Locked together in permanence.
And as one,
we spiral endlessly up.
As titan winds would collide.
But back down we,
must fall as rain.
And soon the storm subsides.
My thoughts become
my own again.
And your heart beats unaided.
I learn to breathe
on my own again.
And the sigh's sounding's faded.
Your watch resumes
it's measured clicks.
Opened eyes fill void minds.
And though we still,
struggle to break our gaze.
We know we're out of time.

And our ten seconds are up.

Yes, if your wondering there was a girl I dated who actually sent me that high when we would kiss. (Imagined if we had...ermm...yeah :question:)