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Testing not giving results...

Ok. Here is my problem. This is a 2nd computer so not a huge deal but I want to get my wife off of my back about it. I am using a simple HP pavilion with windows me for my daughter to play games online and my wife to chat on yahoo with. I prefer to keep her off of my computer altogether. Well in the last week after it is running for atleast 5 min. it powers itself off dead. i cant turn it back on unless i unplug the power cord for like ten seconds and then i can power it on. this will repeat itself though. i have used scandisk but can never complete because the computer shuts off. I thought at first it might be the power supply overheating but the fan is working and the power supply seems to work fine. I have checked the system setting and no power saver settings are set up or anything else. We always turn the computer off when we are done using it. I dont know much more else to do. I can put a cd drive in and add memory but that and some other basics is about it. Anyone else ever experience this with the computer while running ME. I do know it meets all the minimum requirements for xp because I wanted to install that but my cd is scratched and wont read. PLease any suggestions?:(

also the computer is protected by McAFee security software if that matters and I cant finish scanning with that either.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
When you're booting you computer press F8 before the ME Splash screen. This should bring up a menu. Pick the one for Safe Mode. Boot into that and let it sit for a while without doing anything. Does it still shutdown? If not it's possible that something you've got installed is the issue.

If that doesn't help create a boot disk on your other computer. You can go to to download a simple program to create one if you need too. Boot off of this bootdisk and let the PC sit for a while again doing nothing. If it still restarts after 5 minutes you know it's probably a hardware issue.

Does the power supply in your working PC fit in the defunct PC? You could try swapping the supplies and see if that resolves the problem.


In Memory...
OR, if you can boot into safe mode. click run on the start menu, type Services.msc, then go to the Remote Procedure Call, right click and go to Recovery, and change all the drop downs to Take No Action.
i will try these tonight. Thanks to both of you. hope this works. and the power supply won't fit. did try that one already.