Thank God Im Alive


Angel of Death
He stumbled from the battle bloody, tired and broken. All lay in a hazy cloud of smoke, as he felt his dry thirsty lips hungered for a small drop of pure water.He brushed his lush shaggy brown hair back as he tilted his canteen up to taste nothing but the steamy hot air of emptiness.

If there was anything at all he wanted it was a lousy drop of water. After all of this and what he just lived through he was denied something so pity. With a might fit of anger he trusted his sword head long into the ground, while tossing his canteen acrossed the ground.

He then slowly lefted his bright blue eyes up off the ground and stared around. There where men laying half dead, the younger ones who first battle this was walked around like a ghost, they held no expression, no sorrow, no tears. Then there was those who prayed and others who just walked away thinking they knew what life was.

He lowered his eyes looking down at the ground and towards his empty canteen. His thoughts raced for a second on what he would do for a drop of water. Water the only thing he could think of and he wonder if he was the only one.

He wasn't. A dirty stained hand soon entered his line of vision and there stood a cool container holding water. It was covered in blood and it only bothered him for a second as he whiped it clean. Unscrewed the cap and allowed the beautiful crystal droplets to run down his throat smoldering the fire with in. He couldn't drink it fast enough and some spilled over his lips and fell upon the ground.

He never looked up at the person who gave it to him. He just nodded and thanked him for it. Probally picked from some deadmans hands and offered to living. They weren't going to need it where they was at... nah.

They was seeing heaven if such a place existed. Golden gates, naked angels... beautiful music. Oh yes! Heaven. You couldn't think of it enough in moments like this and right now he found his in the middle of hell. A canteen full of water, now half empty.

Just then a voice echoed from the smoke, the illusion and the pity sorrow that sunk around. He almost laughed when the words took forum into his ear.

"THANK GOD ALL MIGHTY I AM ALIVE! WE ARE ALIVE..... I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ALIVE..." A young boy shouted... " We have kissed death, we have tasted blood... we have drank from the devils hand... to know that WE, THE MIGHTY FINE SOLDIER, Are ALIVE" the rest drifted into the air....

"Alive..." He whispered.. 'this isn't living, this is breathing awaiting to die..."