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Gaming That Games Thread [2017-2019]


Hail Eris! Fnord
Recent additions to my backlog / now playing:

Risk of Rain


Axiom Verge

Breath of Death

Cthulhu Saves the World

Also i'm streaming on Twitch now! >>

Come heckle me if you dare! >: )
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Silly Face!
I'm playing Super Mario Run. I never really got into it when it was popular, but now I'm playing it. It goes on sale in a couple of days, but it let's you play a little bit for free.

Also, the new Nintendo Direct looks pretty cool. Will be picking up games for it during the year, along with games I missed.


After about six years of never touching a console gaming system, I purchased an an Xbox One and Red Dead 2. Now I spend my life blowing up saloons, getting into fist fights, and hunting. After that, I go play the game to see how it compares to real life.
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How am I still alive
Got AC odyssey last year, love it. Kassandra is a sassy ass killer. They're trying to move away from their original concept and do more open world. Although fun and entertaining a bit lacking in storytelling.

Then I got AC origin, last "true" AC, tons of fun, there's camels! I love the whole sneaky, I'm not so far in yet in the story because I'm having so much fun doin random shit and running in the desert. The biggest plus is, that there isn't a false sense of urgency. Because I get really caught up in the story and their whole world. So if there's "little time" or a hurry (but not really) I feel this pressure to continue the main story although there isn't any real urgency.
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