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Movies That Movie Thread [2017-]


I watched this movie with Johnny Depp.. he's like a genius or something and is creating AI but then is shot and is going to die so they upload his mind into a computer sort of thing but is it really Johnny Depp? I'm still not sure.
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Watched Die Hard starring The Rock. It's Die Hard. Don't expect a cinematic masterpiece. I laughed more than anything, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to. Oh, the movie is pretending to be called Skyscraper, but everyone knows that it's Die Hard.
I heard it bombed for being a rip off of Die Hard. Die Hard is an amazing movie anyway, doesn't need a remake.


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I like The Rock. I think he's funny and entertaining. But I think he's overpromoting himself and landing in subpar movie roles.


Right now, I have been in the fandom is The Brave Little Toaster.
That movie does have nightmare fuels, but it also has flaws and a happy ending as well.

I watched it on YouTube over spring break and I'm hooked!

Favorite character from that movie? Mine's Toaster!

I liked the first couple X-Men movies but didn't watch anything further. I'd like to jump back into it for the Wolverine story but I'm not sure where to start or what comes next. I'm not much of a movie guy but it'd be nice to grab a few DVD's of something I might be interested in.
Oh yeah.. I love X-Men and so does my mom! I mean, I haven't been into the fandom.. But I did see the few X-Men movies myself with my father's family (five years ago before I reunited with my mom)

Went to see Logan with some friends when it was out - thought it was fantastic, though I haven't really kept up with the X-Men movies.

Nora forced me to watch the Trolls movie with her. It wasn't unbearable.
I saw that movie too.. The ending is very tragic.. I hate it when I see Wolverine die and have his daughter, Laura/X-23 to be in charge..

But I did love that Laura being badass! XD
As for Trolls, I didn't like that crap.. I mean, I liked the songs, but the movie itself is mediocre..

I almost said I just watched Lucy with Johnny Depp.
OMG! I love that movie as well! That also inspired me to draw my sona that has powers and personality based on the movie as well
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