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Music That Music Thread [2017-]


Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
Jimi Haha said:
November 16 1994 Jimmie's Chicken Shack had been a band for almost 2 years and we decided to play a Wednesday night gig at The 8x10 on Cross street in Baltimore. SpiderMonkey opened the show. We handed out video cameras for our friends to pass around the crowd and film their perspectives. Sweaty bouncing crowd, feathers flying around, Building shaking, people jumping off the balcony, duct taped gear, borrowed amps, out of tune playing, shredded voice, and pure spirit. We released a VHS tape called "Plucked". The 90s in Baltimore were the best. We got signed a year or two later. If you can endure it all there are 4 parts to this YouTube posting. James McDonough, Jimmy James, Che Lemon. What times we had.

(i don't know what i just posted with the blue links and stuff)

I have the VCR tape, I'm archaic like that.
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