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On TV That Television Thread [2017-2019]


Man, just finished the last Archer available on Net Flix. I fucking love that show. WTF? Do I need help?


Silly Face!
Kidding episode 1 starring Jim Carrey. A show about a Mr Rogers type of person who runs a kids show, except his life is falling apart and is depressing. Free on the internet.



Godless on Neflix is pretty lit. It's a mini-series set in the Old West. There's a mine explosion in town that kills all the menfolk and the ladies have to fend for themselves, but they're all badasses so they're doing just fine two years later. Mix in some good old gunslinging, train robbery, and a delusional maniac, and you've got yourself a pretty decent show. Good acting and dialogue, and it doesn't drag on too long.
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How am I still alive
Nightflyers - People going to meet at huge blob out in space. The story is a bit all over the place, but not hard to puzzle together. You can easily figure out key elements, which isn't always bad, but the whole "reveal" becomes kind of flat because they go through a lot to make it seem like a big reveal and "aha!" moment, when you've just waited for them to reveal it so they can move on to other key elements.

The Umbrella Academy - Robert Sheehan, makes the series, but that might be because I have a huge crush on him, he has that right blend of total asshole and genuine concern. I really like the world building and the other characters on that show where really well made. I hope it gets another season. It's kind of like Dirk Gentlys holistic detective agency, the perfect blend of whimsy, blood and violence.

Pretty little liars - Yeah, I watched it. Fight me. It was the perfect level of idgaf and stupid to watch while I have a migraine. But holy shit, it's so bad and yet you want to watch because who the fuck is "A"?
(or Uber was such a hamfisted attempt and so unbelievably shitty. I had to check out the fallout on their subreddit and it was fucking glorious. I can spare you the hours, its Spencers evil british twin/clone/sister!? Of which was never hinted at, it just came out of left field as a giant FU. Also, lets not talk about other inconsistencies, because it's just so sad and a bit funny.