The All-Star Game


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Did anybody else watch?

The Sophomores, not surprisingly, beat the Rookies on Friday.

On Saturday, Phoenix won the Shooting Stars competition, Steve Nash won the skills challenge (setting the fastest time through it ever), and Quentin Richardson won the 3-point contest, setting the stage for a possible all-Phoenix sweep of the preliminary contests.

However, Josh Smith stole the dunk contest from Amare Stoudemire (although he didn't go without a fight, Amare had some SICK dunks), and nobody can say Smith didn't deserve it.

Today, Sunday, the big competition took place: the All-Star game. I beleive this was the player's answer all the doubters, who said that today's game wasn't team-oriented, that players had become too self-obsessed, and that nobody wanted to pass. Nobody scored more than 17 points, and at times the teams over-passed, and a balanced attack made it hard to choose an MVP. Despite the low individual scores, the East scored 125 points, beating the West by 10. It was pure, fun basketball, and I'm sure nobody was disappointed. It was very difficult to pick an MVP, but Allen Iverson took top honors.


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meh, all allstar games are like that. Ball movement, puck movement, player movement (like in baseball where the players only play 3 innings tops).. its just to create a fun atmosphere for the fans and let them watch their favorite players get involved in a game that pits the best against the best.

I promise you that when the season starts back up, theyll go right back to being selfish. (both literally and metaphorically).


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tbsrk is right, they will all go back to being selfish. Usually, they don’t even stop for all-star weekend. In fact, most years it’s just that much more of an ego boost for the players. Some players in the past have even refused to play, do to fear of injury. However this year was different. It seemed to be more about talent, and ability, a show of skill. I think this was mainly do to the fact, that a lot of younger players felt they needed to prove themselves. This bought out the best in everyone, and gave the fans a better show then previous years. All and all a good show (especially the slam dunk contest). :thumbsup:


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wtf are we talking about? if its sports on tv, count me out, its by far the dumbest thing ive seen hmans watch. i'd rather watch soap operas with a dead stinking cat with a g-unit hat on its head. i hate sports on tv.


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fred hoiberg should have been at the 3 poinr competition he is shooting 52% from outside the arch , the sophmores but on a good show but it was lame for kyle korver to shoot 4 3s in the final 1 minnute when the game was already decided , and steve nash is the best point in the game right now. if he had the scoring ability of sam cassel he would be 25-13-5 a night.