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The Answer is No

Stay off my ears and eyes. You are damaging my hearing and damaging my eyeballs. Get the fuck off.


Your supposed to put the peanut butter on your _-_-_-_-_ you idiot. Now tell your doggy he's a good boy and try again.
You know who u r. I hope u specifically read this. I appreciate the eyeball relief but not yesterday, Becca went on too long yesterday. What's the point? I told u to stop.

Tell the others I don't want to face them. There is a scrim and they should respect it. How come they don know? I've sd it for yrs. Do u not give them a run down, with updates? Basic rundown, respect the scrim. Period. I don't care what they look like. If they r looking for love, looks don't matter as much as respecting the scrim. And I don't like rebounds. U mite think u hv me by the short hairs, per your sng where else is she gonna go but that's not true. I have options. Don't abuse me by suggestgg I don't.

You woke me up to say u might not sleep well???! OMG, keep your thought stop yourself. I am not interested in you being a baby. If it was u. I haven't slept well in weeks plus u are emotionally abusive and if u don't sleep well it is the consequence of your own behavior. I don't want to hear about it. Yes, it was a perfectly reasonable thought, but don't bore me and offend me by saying it out loud.

My AM was peaceful and I was looking fwd to, until I remembered you woke me up to offend me by being a baby.

I am in a lot of physical pain.

I'm angry about upyou saying that every time you put on a certain record, you go tomsin City. Where u have said what happens there is kept secret there. You insult me. I can't remember what record an it is driving me crazy.

I have looked everywhere to find out. I should have written it down in March when u said it but there is enough toxicity and I didn't want to add to the pill but I should have been the toxicity is much worse trying to dig up the facts now. You have a real offensiveway of communicating. Wanting to hurt me is unethical.
You can't buy any so-called right tO abuse me. Appreciation and gratitude do help reduce a person's bitterness, but they DO NOT REDUCE FEELINGS AFTER ABUSE. Abuse is abuse, there is no coping method other than to avoid it. It is never justifiable no matter what asaint the person may be. Notice I use present tense instead of the past tense which you always traumatize me with when you talk about us. You are cruel to ever use past tense inappropriately. You just want negative attention of me sweating all day wondering if you really meant past tense for real.

You shouldn't have punished me for finally trying to get in the spirit of Valentine's day 2014. You were abusive. And on top of all that, you abused me verbally regarding dental. I had every fpightright to tell a gf that certain men might not be my type, and you had no right to act on the knowledge of my statement and retaliate with one of your own. You should have respected my feelings.

We might not have Valentine's Day. My expectation is you be adult about it, without retaliation.

I didn't like the last four recalls of time with you. One woke me up being a baby about not gonna sleep well. The other pushed happy into me when I was seriously upset. The prior two were bad too, and it was you. I wish i CD remember what. I have arthritis so it hurts to write it down.

I appreciated u sticking around last nite until things went South again. If u don't have two counselors we won't make it. U don't have to come out after all I was wrong but you damn well better have a counselor and a second opinion to sign off that u are trying.
I apologize for the profanity and the typos under clock pressure. There is no Becca or whatever woman's name I wrote. That was a typo. Intuitive text is not my thing.

I don't recall the origin of the title of this thread. I think I meant to post in Dear Diary. Im feeling better and hope you are fine. Like I said, appreciation and gratitude are huge; that part is ok. If anyone ever bought the right to abuse me it would be you, except abuse is never right.

I was feeling we went from the elevator fifth amendment thing to bikini girls in the tropics with a famous person, and not just bikini girls, but beautiful ones. Probably one or two more offending things, and then to the sincity thing and now to waking me up with tmi, after making me worry all day about carefully whatever, then hurting my eyes again, then smiling at the worst time, and one more thing I can't remember. Sometimes I don't take notes so I don't add to the pile of negativity, but later I wish I had.

Do you think it will be okay? Like, lots of women get upset and once in a while it comes out on a bad night or day. We mite have a lot of those,but do u think the intensity will lower? I do, as long as you don't burden me with feelings which you should share with a counselor or man friend. Some things, many things, a gf simply must never hear.

Sorry this isn't going very deep. I'm tired.

No one at work seems to give a hoot that bonuses are pretty good for meeting and exceeding goals. I am working for that bonus, which could pay a month rent. But other don't wanna work.

Hope it is a better night, for you too. Please don't give up on me. I am entitled to my thoughts and feelings, which are confidential and private. I wish you'd get professional help, and by now a second opinion and on call professional as well as homework an weekly visits. Because all that is needed is mindfulness, which can be trained.


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So is the Air getting in your eyes and ears? I'm confused?

I have had Professional help, they were more than useless, actually detrimental even though I was 100 percent honest to them and very sincere about getting help. They prescribed pills. It's useless. If I want to be a drug addict, there's way more fun drugs than they give you.
That was meant for the Dear Diary thread. As for "the answer is no", I must have been upset the night I wrote that.