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the baithouse remodeled

so how does it look

  • better

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  • still ghetto

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ok look at the old bait house

now the new bait house
redid the roof now its got shingles and vents and all the other crap
ummmmm... what color should i paint it???
hunter green
also got a t1 installed and wireless 802.11b
i put on the deck and second story

ok the outside is done
now im on the basement
i think it would be too expencive to buy beer so ill put the micro brew in the old computer room
brokens room

the new bait room

the bathroom

oh yeah and brokens new computer with all the top upgrades and thats about all the remodel did for the old ghetto bait house to see the process the building of the baithouse


Member smoked too much weed!
Good god people.. He put a hell of a lot more work in for laugh. Move it to where ever it makes you feel important.

You want a rant. I am so fucking tired of people whining about which fucking forum a poster chooses to post in. Fuck you, this isn't a physics forum. Lord knows we wouldn't want to post hypothetical particle theory in a gravitational wave front thread. That would just be nasty, or does it belong there?

Lmao~ Get over it..

Sorry left out the word "it". LOL
i'm gonna keep moving shit to where it goes, but yeah. feel free to ignore me when i do it, it seriously makes no difference to your lives.


Angel of Death
I admit this thread had some laughs in it, but please. It is not that hard to post in the right thread. Its simple. It take 10 seconds and what good is it to have a forums where no one post in the right one. Kind of pointless. No

But it takes a moment to think about where a thread belongs. By posting off topic stuff in the wrong forum you push down the topics that do belong there. Thats why it makes me mad when people don't post in the right forum.



Member smoked too much weed!
There's nothing wrong with asking people to post in the correct forum, but to call them out every time, is bullshit. My problem isn't with you, it's with some ass that flexes the only nuts he has to move threads and brags about it; is truly morbid. God, I hope someday he gets laid. Ahh; fuck it I am an optimist.