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The Bamboozle Fest, Mother fuckers!

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot

Friday, April 29th

Motion City Soundtrack
Brand New
Straylight Run
Thrice (if your into them)
Funeral for a Friend
and many others

Saturday, April 30th

Starting Line
Fall Out Boy
Further Seems Forever (if your into Dashboard, I hate em, oh will ill skip this one)
Senses Fail
Reliant K
and a shit load more

Sunday, May 1st

Alkaline Trio
My Chemical Romance
Flogging Molly
Catch 22
Street Dogs
All American Rejects (if your into that shit. fuck them, ill skip this one)
and a lot more

DAAAAAMMMNNNNNN...... anybody planning on going to this? I fucking am! Ive never seen Alk Trio live, and they are one of my favorites, and it'll be a blast to see Straylight run.

Asbury Park, NJ.