the bits and pieces you take are killing me


Should I Call You Jesus?
" I love you "
you whisper the words
so callously
do they even hold meaning?

i once thought
they were tender and true

but its just
the bits and pieces you see

what is it
you love about me?

my smile, my grace
my cherub face

my lips, my hair
my skin so fair

well what lays in my heart
cant be defined
in one trait
or body part
so if you cant love me completely
then walk away
and let me be
my poor heart cant take this agony

grant me mercy
give me death
cut this heart
from my breast
give me peace
so i can rest

for this tender heart
was never meant to be
this world too cruel
with eyes
unwilling to see

so now i lay me
down to sleep
i killed my heart
but still i weep
may angels
take my body in keep
and ill lay awake
in sleep

if you cant love me completely
then leave me
grant me mercy
and give me death
and cut this foul heart
from my breast