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::The Blade Cuts Deep::

the blade cuts deep
the red river flows strong
i wonder why i do this
then i remember you
You with him
The look in your eye
When i said ''i love you''
The look of discussed
The look of pain on your face...

The time we had
Before i told you
so lovely and free
Now look at me
what i am doing
All over and for you
all because of him
My pain easers
As the red pool grows
Freedom approaches quickly...
good poem. try not to be so hard on yourself, hang around & you'll get over her soon enough cause obviously theres better girls for you. man i wish i could write o well



Smoke a joint and get a life. Every time I see someone depressed, I feel like ripping their pitiful eyes right out and pee in their ocular sockets. Instead of making little scars so that you can impress you little goth friend who cut themselves less than you and stagnating in your own sadness and self-loathing, you could be happy. Seems impossible now, since that time when your mom refused to understand the torment of dark pain stabbing at your lonely, ugly heart, but it is. Depressed people just depress themselves more. That's why I want to kill them.

Buy yourself a bong, steal some money out of your mom's purse, and buy some weed. Or you could start taking acid. Hard to find in some areas, though.