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The Cheeze presents-A WTF Story: Gehtfucts new fucker

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One not-so-lonely night, when GF was asleep. He had a dream that he was having a group orgie with many of his hot girlfriends. Little did he know that he sleepwalked. In his dream, a meh asked him to follow him, and as any guy would, he did. GF got up, and walked as the dream led him. In the end, GF found himself in the kitchen, in his dream-state this was the restroom. He then stuck his penis into the blender, and accidentally turned it on. His penis was then ripped to shreds, and he was forcefully thrust back into reality. Where his penis had been, he now had a red stub. In a panic, he called Meh, who then called the hospital, who then came to GF's house. GF was in a stretcher when he fell into another deep sleep...
However deep this sleep might have been, it was not enough to keep him from sleepwalking. Mainly because Meh was hovering over him at his bed in the hospital, breathing hot air on his face, and shaking him. Even with a stub for a penis, he managed a one foot boner. To which Meh said, "Oh my." Meh being GF's closest person, she knew that she could ease his pain by sucking on his penis. Warm blood filled Meh's mouth, and Meh was filled with a strange satisfaction. When GF suddenly grabbed the doctor nearest him, ripped off his penis, and slammed it where his stub was. "Big daddy's back," GF said. "Oh my..." Meh suddenly had a burst of enthusiasm, and sucked so hard, that the doctor's small penis grew to be 4ft. long! When GF finally orgasmed, and blew Meh up with an explosion of semen. Blood and guts masked the white wall of the ER, and GF let out a final scream. "MY FUCKER!" And died of trauma.


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I didn't read this at all. Didn't even glance at it.

The Cheeze presents? Eat some more cheesy poofs you fucking moron.

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Now now, mmm...cheese, Just because you have an fixation me and Geht have something going on, because I said you were our bitch, no need to be a fucking sore puss!
Or tell us your fantasties in B&T.

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I skimmed through this thread and have come to the conclusion that Cheese's original post was inocherent rambling by an underage user and that this thread deserves nothing more than deletion!
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