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The Chilling Impact of SESTA/FOSTA -- Craigslist just dropped their R&R



I loved craigs lists rants and raves section. I kept track of grass roots issues in places I've lived by reading the crazy comments and getting responses from people in those areas for years and now it's gone. It feels like I've suddenly lost touch with hundreds of old friends because I can no longer chuckle at the crappy drivers or "worst intersection" or best restaurants or worst.

I am glad I still have WTF to use as a sounding board but it isn't nearly as specific to an area as c-list was and I hope WTF doesn't get turned around by the same problems that affected c-list.
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Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Does this mean if @MaxPower and @lady victoria start to smack each other around, can be taken offline?

Max, you heard what ladyvic said the other day about your anatomy right? Thems fightin' words!

( @BRiT -- I knew there was a way out! lol )
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Excellence in Incelibacy
Nobody ever said this. CP is already illegal, and they already took down subreddits like /r/jailbait forever ago.
I was making a joke since it was not explicitly listed. Other illegal things were listed such as drugs, stolen property, and prostitution.

Anyway, I think this law will be challenged in the Supreme Court. Maybe websites will be given a grace period for the admins to remove illegal content. However, people will circumvent the law by using slang terms and implicit or double meanings. For example: Jane could advertise a garage sale.
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