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The Chronicles of Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay Released for the PC


Hella Constipated
Yeah, It's done. I played the demo, and I'm floored. Very good game.

The graphics are much better than Doom 3's, the gameplay is frantic and fun, and the weapons are really nice.

I only have one real gripe...


And it's not just me either; a quick Google turns up that other people are having these problems.

Unfortunately, they seem to be occuring with the GeForce 6800 series and the Radeon 9800 series.

The bitch is, the 9800 is based of the design my 9700 uses :(.

It's to the point where VPU recover won't even kick in - The whole system just locks up to shit.

Let's hope they can fix these glitches soon!


I was skeptical about this game, and after playing the Xbox version I thought the PC version would just be a bad port. I was honestly surprised though; this is a great game. The views are pretty innovative, the game play is great and the graphics are actually surprising. I don't think they're better than Doom 3's though, but their still up there. The game plays flawlessly on my 5950 Ultra. ;)

I haven't bought this yet, but it'll probably be the next game I buy. :thumbsup:

P.S. The eye shine mode is awesome.


Hella Constipated
BRiT said:
It ran perfectly fine on my 9800np...
It stopped locking up on me...Weird.

Personally I feel it's graphics are better than Doom 3's, because they use a similar shadow technique, while at the same time avoiding the artificial look of Doom.

It's visuals are kind of like a mix between HL2 and Doom 3, IMO. On top of that, the in game body rendering is AMAZING!