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The craziest shit in cafe


Teh SUx
The craziest shit in the cafeteria happened 1 week ago.
I was with my friend dan and a few of my other friends.
My friend Dan rolled his glass snapple bottle, and I tryed to catch it.
I thought I had it but it slipped out of my hand, and fell and broke.
I was like wtf was that, I didnt even drope it then high from the ground.
It made so much noise that the hole cafeteria heard it.
They were getting up and screaming like there wasa fight crowded around me.
I felt so engergized, that I was about to yell "STFU!!".
The dean came by and I thought I was inrouble, but the janitor just came and sweeped away the glass.
Everyone in the school was talking about it like it was a serious fight.