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Headlines The Damn War in Iraq Vs. Damn North Korea


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
RedOctober said:
Well well... Seems I hit the soft spot again.. :D

If China is buying all the steel it can get, they may use it for building infrastructure like skyscrapers, but the fucking truth is, the steel will be usable for nice warfare thingies if necessary.
In Communism, you just knock down modern buildings if you need the steel.

Read my lips.. The Chinese system is using capitalism to gain momentum in a communist goal. And that is to get out of the entanglement the USA is trying on China right now.
What are the US doing in Afghanistan? That country is on the doorstep of China remember!

In that policy it's only logic they prepare to lanch some effort to get a foot on Taiwan. They use the stupidness of Bush to attack Iraq without a reason as an excuse. Taiwan has WMD's pointed at China.. Wow..
I actually wonder why the Chinese haven't made a move yet..
They must have been surprised by the stupidness of Bush.. :D
Ok, now that's slightly more intelligent. Although you do realize that to knock over a building, strip the steel from it, re-smelt it and turn it into war machines takes kind of a long time right? And requires a fucking LOT of smelters that they don't have? It's not feasible for them to build a tank out of a sky scraper.

As far as them stepping up to move on Taiwan. Yeah, I think that's going to happen. But it'll be more of a political move than a violent move. The Chinese aren't stupid. They understand that if they go in shooting that they will draw the ire of more than just the US. Most of the world would be against a move like that.

And let me cover this ground again: The US has a massive trade deficit with China. If China decides to go to war with the US it will be in the financial markets. Why fire a single round when you can bring your enemy to it's knees by simply calling in the debts it owes you?