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The Dead Thread [2017+]




Bradley Welsh, 'Trainspotting' actor, shot dead in Scotland

The actor -- who appeared as gangland figure Doyle in the sequel to the hit movie about a group of heroin addicts in Edinburgh -- was killed in Scotland's capital on Wednesday night, the agency said.

Police said they were called to an incident in the city at around 8:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. ET), and a man was found seriously injured before dying at the scene.
"His death is being treated as suspicious and inquiries are continuing," police said in a statement provided to CNN.
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I've never seen boogers so green.
Tim Conway man. The cornball king.
I had forgotten that he was still alive. :redface: I always remember him being paired with Don Knotts, who died 13 years ago. I also remember watching Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett Show. He often played the loveable idiot.

(And Chewie since no one else will acknowledge it).
You mean Peter Mayhew who got the part of Chewbaca simply for being 7'3"! He last played Chewbaca in The Force Awakens due to health issues. He was replaced by a guy who is 4 inches shorter and who he coached.

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