Headlines The Death Penalty, Schwarzenegger and Court TV movie


Fresh Meat
On January 19th of this year Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger allowed the
first death sentence to be served in three years, and the first under
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. That is almost copied straight from a
news site (because honestly if I hadn’t, there’s no way I’d have been
able to spell Arnie’s name!)

Anyway, I recently caught an ad for a movie on Court TV called The
Exonerated. It’s based on true stories of several people who spent
years on death row for crimes they didn’t commit. The original version
was a play which inspired my interest in the subject of the death
penalty. I specifically remember one guy who spent something like 20
years on death row before finally being cleared.

Now before someone jumps all over me: I’m not saying that the guy who
was just executed in California was innocent. But does anyone think
it’s acceptable that even one innocent person could be executed? I
think it’s about time this country joins the rest of the civilized
world and adopts a more humane approach. For those of you still on the
fence on this issue, I’d check out this movie, because if it’s anything
like the play the personal stories will astound you. I think it airs on
January 27 (but check courttv.com just in case I’m wrong). And if you
have thoughts on this issue, I’d like to hear them.


~Broken Angel~
I been sitting here speechless for a few seconds...I really dont know what to say besides...OMG...and WOW ?? :confused:


Angel of Death
depends on the crime...

yeah some inoccent people find themselves falsly accused. The world is imperfect and so is justice its sad but its the way of the world.


Chaotic Neutral
I think...For CERTAIN crimes death sentence is justified..Justified, even though they're not necessarily the best option. Think about a sick ass assassin so wicked that you couldn't morally feed him.

A sick ass dude kidnapped kids, took pictures of the kids and raped them; he then popped their eyeballs out, healed the wound, took other pictures and let them free. He would then put the eyes in a little glass bucket full of some liquid stuff, with the "before" and "after" pictures taped on it. The kids were blind, traumatised for life, some managed to commit suicide, others lived with an indescribable feeling of mixed anger and cursed for revenge. Years after one crime, one of the victims recognized his voice; so a furious mob then searched his house and found the eyes and pictures. They lynched him, no trial, just a rope and a tree and lots of beating. Some say he was knocked dead before he was even hanged. That happened a long time ago in some country far far away.

So I think that in some cases, feeding and spending federal tax dollars on a prisoner is just a plain waste of food, beds, ciment, and money.


~Broken Angel~
I agree to some extint Rage...but then you have to think about maybe say...out of a million ppl or so on death row...like actually a 100 COULD be innocent or something ( Im not good with the numbers ). So yah...maybe letting them stay in prison for a few years...until maybe it's certain they did it...but yah I dont think we should spend the tax dollars for 50+ years for ppl that have murdered


Original Dicksman
I like the idea of the :gun: death penalty for :sword:horrible crimes, but I hate the reality of mistakes in the judicial system:(. The only way I see of reconciling these two is extra rigorous proof needed to give a death sentence. You can always release an inmate who's been exonerated, but you can't unexecute one.