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I did a search and couldn't find anything relevant (though tapatalks search isn't the best). Post up your weird, funny, horrifying, or otherwise interesting sleep movies!

Last night I had a dream that I was the only person who knew the world was about to end. So I decided to put together an end of the world party. Pretty much everyone I knew came and they thought that was just the theme of the party. Then the world started to end and everyone was pissed at me.


Awesome you started this thread because I wanted to post what happened to me last night!

I was trying to fall asleep for freaking ever last night. Finally I fell asleep but (seemingly) immediately in my dream I was staring at the same dark corner in my bedroom from right before I had fallen asleep. The dark shadowy spot in the corner started moving a little and I started hearing a buzzing that got louder. My head started shaking really fast (like in scary movies when someone's face starts shaking and getting all distorted) and the shadowy corner got bigger, like it was coming for me. I was terrified and right before the shadow got me I woke up.

I was scared to fall back asleep right away so I checked WTF, Facebook, and a gaming site I'm on then fell asleep. Lulz.

Don't think it was sleep paralysis. Had that before and it was way more terrifying. Actually I'd like to hear of others' sleep paralysis experiences if anyone's went through that before.


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I have had multiple instances of sleep paralysis. Getting stuck between being asleep and awake can be scary as hell. You want to move or yell out, but can't, and it becomes a terrifying mental struggle. For me, it is usually accompanied by something ominous shining a light through the window or trying to break into my bedroom (monsters, aliens, burglars, etc.). On one occasion, I had a yellow-eyed shadowy figure sitting on my chest. From what I understand, these are common experiences among sufferers of sleep paralysis.
I have always had vivid dreams, and can clearly recall dreams that I had as a child. for example, around the age of ten, I had a recurring dream that some type of vampire-like creature was living in my closet and would proceed to eat me alive. Fun stuff.


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@DejectedReject yeah. Same here. It started with feeling like I was either restrained, being lifted by hands and arms under me, or floating before I could snap out of it. Later, I perceived there were one or more dark, billowy, cloaked figures kind of floating down the hallway outside my bedroom, dragging their fingers along the walls with a horrible scratching noise moving towards my door. Sometimes I would feel like I was thrashing and kicking to escape it and wake up still tucked neatly in bed. Later I learned to not dread the situation and not panic, the figures never came back. I would just focus on trying to move a hand or foot until the numb paralyzed feeling broke. I still wake up thinking someone just knocked or bumped against my door if I get really stressed, which is rare.


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On one occasion, I had a yellow-eyed shadowy figure sitting on my chest.

@DejectedReject @skroo'd the moment you're between being awake and falling asleep is the door to the astral plans, don't be afraid, don't fall into paranoia, just let it flow and travel.


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I don't really sleep in such a way that facilitates dreaming. But when I have, they've most often been apocalyptic-crazy, I was on the run, usually from a search party and not the good kind. Hey, I might've done something bad but I didn't keep the end of everything as we know it all to myself until I could organize a proper farewell.


Been playing Fallout a lot lately and subsequently have been having a ton of post apocalypse dreams. They're never usually pleasant, but the one I had last night was, for once, not awful. I basically scavenged, was on my own, killed people to save myself. Sometimes these dreams feel so real that waking up is confusing.

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Last night I had a dream that the Mormons were after my life. I visited them for dinner and things just got progressively weirder until they were holding my hostage. I escaped some how but when I got back to (camp I think) where ever I was before I visited them for dinner, a large mob of Mormons with stones ran up intending to kill me. Honestly, that's the most scared I've been waking up from a dream in a while.


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I hate when my ex invades my dreams. Yesterday was really bad. I dreamt she was more scared for my safety than her own. Someone was going to kill the both of us, but she only wanted to protect me. I woke up shaking and filled with sorrow. It felt so real. I threw everything away including her and she still loved me. It took me a few minutes to remember it was just a dream.


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Thanks to my medicine I dream a lot, and weird ass dreams, mostly nightmares. I've had murderers break into my apartment, I've cried, slipped around in blood scared out of my mind, ran from murderers/weird beings, chained/bound/gagged, broken, beaten, choked, left all alone (everyone just left no one cared about me), trying to run but only fumbled and crawled forward, trying to scream but no sound (until I actually scream and scare the bejeezus out of Nico), tried to keep my eyes open but unable as the light has been to bright.

The last one I got so scared and didn't want to fall asleep so I went to the living room to watch tellie. In that one I went into this kind of cottage, darkly lit, only light from candle light and fireplace. The cottage had two doors even though it was a small cottage with only one small bed with a wrangly looking nightstand, oh and in the middle of the room there was a round table with two chairs, which in one of them my mom sat, well more hunched over as she was dead. The two other people who I came in with didn't even flinch over it. I'm freaking out, then suddenly this loud BANG BANG BANG on the door we came in through, suddenly panic and fear, we run through the other door, stumbling over tree stumps. It's hard to see, only light comes from the stars. Suddenly I'm on the ground out of breath face down, soaking wet, I can feel something breathing down my neck, and something gripping my arms hard. I try to scream, nothing, I try again and I manage to wake up.

Oh and the people in your dreams? They're people you've seen on the street or tv, our mind cannot fabricate a face from nothing so it borrows them from our memory.


stomping through the forest like a tiny dinosaurus
I can't edit, sorry for double post but this dream was redonculous.

I dreamed Nico left me (my unconscious is afraid I'll be all alone, I got a lot of nightmares with all the people who I love who just couldn't bother with me anymore because of my migraines) and he cheated on me. I was pregnant, but I didn't know if it was his and mine or his and hers, yes, I didn't know if it was our love baby or their love baby. I woke up both sad and hella confused.


I had a dream last night I was a fly and somehow knew I had died and was now a fly, it was horrible.


Some history.. Years ago, I almost left everything I knew to move to Louisiana to be with a guy I had an online relationship with. I made it 12 hours one way, with my cat, into Tennessee, had a panic attack and turned around and went home. Obviously the guy was pissed, he had bought me a phone and planned a welcome party and I just bailed. Years pass and now we're friends again, but that's it. We're both cool with that.

The dream... Last night I had a dream that this guy asked me why I turned around years ago. I told him that he scared me because he was willing to do anything for me. I was used to being treated like shit and didn't knew how to handle someone actually caring about me. I told him I was afraid I wouldn't live up to his expectations.

Then I went to plug my phone in (in the dream still) and somehow got zapped. My entire body felt like it was vibrating when I woke up.


About a month ago, I was taking a nap in the afternoon, and I had a dream that I went back to Maine with my father for some reason or another, and visited with an old friend. My very first friend in childhood, who I hadn't seen in about 20 years.

I was awakened by my phone making the facebook message alert sound. It was that very same friend telling me that he was planning a vacation in PR and spending a few days on my island. Pretty spooky coincidence. He was here two weeks ago, and we had a great time hanging out.

Dreams occasionally give us real insight that can't be explained by the knowledge our conscious minds possess. I find that fascinating.


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I dream a lot but my dreams are just blobs and colors moving around and I'm always looking for something I never find.dopamine-dump-142.jpg


TL;DR: I think I have a succubus.

I tend to dream a lot more the night after drinking heavily. I rarely have nightmares, however.

For a long time, I had a woman in my room with me all the time. At first, it was terrifying. "Waking up" in the middle of the night to a woman standing by your bed that you don't recognize is horrifying, and I would react as such. Scream, kick, wake up... my ex girlfriend usually sitting up next to me wide-eyed and afraid. It was incredibly confusing.

I kept seeing her though... it got to the point were it was a regular occurrence. Every other night, there she would be. Standing sometimes next to me, standing in the dark corner of the room, laying across the bookshelf, or on top of it, laying seductively with her feet kicking behind her, on her belly, and looking at me with one hand holding up her head, as though studying me.

I say seductively because she was, and is (I've seen her lately, just nowhere near as regularly) a very good-looking woman. Definitely in her 20's, with long, black, flowing hair. A tight body, usually bare, and if not only clothed by flimsy strips of cloth or a dark bra and panties. She's always looking at me. Studying me. As though fighting her own desire to get in bed with me.

Lately, I've invited her into bed. But she never budges. I've talked to her, "hey, there you are... why don't you say anything to me?"

"Hey there beautiful. Have you been here all this time? Where are you when I'm awake?"

"Hi again. Come to bed. Lay with me."

I remember saying all of those vividly. I can hear myself saying them. And the most incredible part is that I don't "wake up" again from these episodes. She simply fades away from my vision slowly but surely. It's gotten to the point where, when she starts disappearing, I get up out of bed and walk over to her quickly, beckoning her, pleading, almost... for her not to leave. In her wake, she always leaves a warm presence.

I don't get a bad vibe from her. In fact, I get a sexual / playful / friendly aura from her, emphasis on the sexual. I think / hope that it could be a lighter version of a succubus...but I don't really believe in that stuff all too much. I'm just not sure, I guess.

Only once did she ever lash out at me, and that was one of the first times that I ever saw her. I woke up suddenly to a feeling of dread all around me. My bed was cold, ice cold, and Gabby (my ex ex) was not in bed. The spot where she would be laying was neatly made, almost as though she had never been in bed with me at all. In her place, however, was a dark pool of blood. It smelled like blood, at least. I was facing her direction and unable to move at all. I could only look around...and as my eyes darted in sheer panic about the room, I caught a glimpse of something standing on the corner of the bed.

It was her.

I started stammering, thinking "Gabby is hurt...she's standing there." I started to speak.

"G...Ga...Gabby. Bed...come to bed. You're hurt. Gabby."

I remember those words exactly because the moment I said the last "Gabby", she instantly appeared over the pool of blood, laying down where Gabby was, looking at me dead in the eyes with the most horrific stare I've ever encountered. It was one of pure hatred, of pure fear, of just...death. And she yelled, "I'M NOT FUCKING GABBY."

The moment she yelled I pushed away from her and fell to the floor.

I had pushed Gabby away from me, and she sat up and turned on the light and asked me what was wrong. Why had I pushed her? Why had I yelled that I wasn't fucking her?

I...I don't know. It was incredibly strange and to even write it out sends chills down my spine.

Jealousy? Now that Gabby is gone, she's softened up and tries to seduce me.

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It kind of sounds like you're experiencing sleep paralysis to me Rook. It could be a sexy ghost that wants in your pants though don't get me wrong.