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Headlines The end of the universe


holy crap ive benn to the end of the universe,suprisingly its in the US and even more amazingly its in houston, texas. you see i was driving down the street when i stopped at a red light and looked out my window and saw a starbucks and then i turned to the driver to ask them if they wanna get some coffe and i saw behind him a starbucks, immeditialy i got out of the car and stood in the middle of the street looking back and forth for about 10 minutes and then i said to myself holy crap what kind of person could be soo stupid as to build a starbucks across from a starbucks. well i have benn thinkin about this for a while now and ive finally got it people with alsheimer, the only kind of person who could sit in a coffe shop all day drinkin cofee and walk out side and say, well i be, is that a starbucks well gentlemen i thinks its 'bout time we had a cup of joe. people ask are there too many starbucks, well now i think we know. ----------lewis black( i forgot to do this..oops)---blue collar comedy tour (i guess)
where to start, I know this is not bait an tackle but your a fucking moron. First go an get some origional thoughts then come back and see us. You stole that from a movie or comedian or something cause I have seen it a few times before.


Hooked on Rocks!
BakEd13 said:
Thats off Blue Collar Comedy Tour.. His name is Lewis Black and he owns you... get your own shit n00b. :D
Blue collar comedy tour was great.......Heres your sign dude cracks me up..


Banned - What an Asshat!
CopyLifted said:
I think a username change is in order here......
yeha, slightly. Im so glad we dont have a starbucks, thier coffee sucks.

and i didnt understand a fucking word that guy said. need to learn the comma, period. question mark? and spacing .
Though the joke is funny....... at least 1/6 if not more of the people on here have probably heard it at some point..... why the fuck did you bother to post something that somebody else said and not even give the credit?