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Ok everyone is pissed scared that the world is going to end because that Tsunami hit I mean if the world was going to end when bad shit happen wouldnt it already be over I mean wouldnt it happen at a worse disater like the Haulocaust.


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Yes there are lots more signs that the bible says will take place before the end of the world...and that's only one of them that has happened so far. For example...A European leader will rise and try to take over the world...taking away food and water to where the only way you can receive these things is if you have the mark of the beast. Yet, if u have the mark of the beast, when God or Jesus or w/e comes back to save the believers...you will not be able to go with him...instead u will live a life of termoil. There's other things that's supposed to happen too...but it's too long to fill up this post...but yah I wouldnt worry just yet...Ill post something when I think it's time to worry...lol. And btw...my ex was a holy-roller...that's where I got this info from...so dont hate me if I'm wrong >.<


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Well, apperantly there are six different things that the world is going to end...

And from my friends (who go to school and get told this...) it will 'happen' in 2006 :rolleyes:
A few signs (that i can remember) are that the 14th pope dies. Which this is the 14th if i am correct?..

Something will happen to the sun.

... I will check the other facts... But most of them are stupid...


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A lot of people believe that our species is going to wipe itself out, others believe the allmighty will deliberately destroy our world (according the various faiths' writings), others think nature's distasters will do it... and a few optimists believe we'll colonize the universe.
If you strongly believe in the Bible/Torah/Koran then, you're probably not going to agree with anything that follows this sentence, so I suggest you don't even read it. If you do read it, read the entire thing, and think about first, before even thinking about flaming! I believe it is the way of Nature to visit calamities upon populations (of humans, ecosystems, any lifeforms) periodically to test them. Test for what? Fitness to survive. Most of us know a little history and can get the picture. The calamities vary in severity, and generally, those that remain are usually better off aftwards then before the disaster. Recipients of Darwin Awards are the classic example of Nature's common mechanisms that don't bother most people. The Tsunai's are an example that bother a lot of people. A giant asteriod would be an example that would bother everyone.
Do I think this is 'good'? Hell no, because my notions of good and evil are influenced by American values, Western Philosphy and Judeo/Christianity. But Nature isn't. The nature of Nature is get results by any means nessessary. Since the combined forces of Nature are currently stronger than the power of man, we are still at its (I'm not going to insult women by calling Nature a her) mercy most of the time. Thus, the end of the world is probably at Nature's whim.
Now that I've identified what I think is assailant that will most likely cause our extintion, what do we do about it? Quit listenning listenning to religious fanatics, technophobes, and gaia-freaks who are holding back the peeps that can save us: scientists and engineers. They can give us what we need to hold back nature's wrath. They've down it before: disease control, medicine, agricultural R&D (to combat starvation). They can keep doing, they just need resources to do their work. What can you do? Vote against politicans that will hinder scientific research, deny monetary donations to religious organizations that oppose scientific progress.
That's my 2 cents about preventing the end of the world.