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Headlines The EU Constitution


A Rampant Vagitarian
I´m a bit amazed that this hasn´t got a thread here already..

as all of you must know, France and Netherlands said NO to the constitution of EU.. I dont know how much this has gotten goverage in the US, and do you really know what it´s about..?

It is not a "constitution" like the US constitution is... It´s just setting up straight some rules, contracts and accords. Some countries of the EU have decided to have a vote on the issue (like France), some have decided to let the governments decide (like Finland, which seems real shitty to me).
It seems that the "elite" is all for the constitution, as the common folk seem to be a tad more negative on the issue.

the constitutions goal is to create a more united europe.
Many people dont like the idea as it brings Eu colser to the UN, and therefore closer to the US of A.
It doesn´t help that Bush named Undersecretary John R Bolton as the ambassador of the UN.. Europeans dont like to see Bush setting his hawks for major roles in the world (Bolton, Wolfowitz etc.)

There are some good things in the constitution, but then again.. I see more negative sides.

I personally would say no.


Chaotic Neutral
If Europe is united by a constitution, what difference does it make economically? Will they be more able to compete with the USA and eventually China?

France voted no mainly because alot of people got afraid of losing their jobs, so I heard.


Highly Excitable
From what I understand, and I really haven't paid THAT much attention, but one of the problems with the constitution as it is now it that you have to have a friggin law degree to understand it. It's somewhere around 300 pages long and rather than just define how the EU government is going to work it goes into tiny details such as soccer rules and crap.

I think that they just overdid it and came out with junk.


Funny that we are talking about this.

I'm in the middle of writing my final exam essay for U.S. History and its on the morality of U.S. foreign policy.

I'm in the same boat as most Americans though, not a whole lot of coverage = I don't know too much about it.

I would be curious to know how the EU will interact with the rest of the world. If it's going to be a rival to the U.N., then I can imagine that it would make waves with a lot of people here and in other, non-european, countries. But if thisis purely economic, they I don't see why it would be a problem. Compared to the U.S. the majority of European nations are more on the socialist side of life and a hefty dose of international free trade might just do them some good.


A Rampant Vagitarian
One of it´s main goals is an economical unity or whatnot.. It is not to make the Europe a one country, I have understood not even close. Which is good. It´s just laying down ground rules.
The constitution doesn´t cover soccer and such :) There is a different contract on the issue of EU standards which covers everything from a cucumbers length and curvature to... well anything.

There is a quite free trade in the EU already. ( eventhough some countries, like Finland, still take taxes again from a car brought in from another eu contry, which... sucks.)

I dont see EU as a competitor to UN.. It has different goals.. And if it overthrows UN I see it only as a good thing, as UN is too much based on postWW-issues. For example USAs veto-right is highly un-democratic.

French were afraid of a mythic legend called "the Polish plumber", who would come an take their jobs for practically free... :)

The there is the issue of turkey, that seems its only faking its standards of living, human rights and such, just to get to Eu.. People dont like that..

I dont see Europe being ready for a constition. I can only see it raising nationalism, as people get afraid of losing their culture, or their identity as "french" or "finnish".

Politically it would be smart, but on the ground level I think shit would hit the fan.


Well... As you can expect, it's a complex problem.

I am from The Netherlands, and there have been so many stereotypes spreading around the world about us, it's really to laugh about.

Our so called liberal tolerance is more like... "We don't care".

The elite is talking about competition of Europe with the USA and China in the future, but Europeans don't give a shit about that.
They don't want to get involved in America's stupid wars, so the Dutch kicked the ass of their government that supports the Americans by sending troups to Iraq. Against the overwhelming majority of the Dutch people...
How stupid can one get?

Europe is nice as a free trading zone, but no European really wants a United States of Europe.


DanGeo23 said:
red rover... red rover... send James Hoffa on over..... ohh my bad wrong kinda union...

interesting prospective....
A U.S. thank-you to the Dutch, French
Published June 3, 2005

Ironically, while the populist rejection of a Europe-wide constitution will benefit U.S. interests, it was driven by fear on the Continent of becoming more like America.
Well, it is surely an American vision, but that doesn't mean it makes sense in European eyes. In fact, the European just likes to rule his own bussiness, and hates to be told what to do by some central government.

A European is far more anarchistic then an American, who has more nationalistic tendencies like.. "Right or wrong.. My country".

At least the Dutch don't feel they are nationalistic. Only when there is a soccer match. We still feel we are a "Republic of the United Netherlands", although there has been made the mistake of becoming a Kingdom.