The family that fights together, stays together?


Banned - What an Asshat!
Well my story starts when my uncle, his girl, and a friend of theirs comes over to my aunties house to visit and bullshit for a while, when they say that their goin to aluha(SP) at a bar on the other side of town, my unk asks if I would like to go, I say sure so we leave. We get to the bar and everything is hunky dory and cool. By this time my unk and his girl start arguing at this time, wtf Im lying they been aruging since we left my aunties house, but anyways, aruging on and off, but then brushing it off and go back to drinking. I get a phone call, I go outside cause you know im in a bar so it's loud. Im talking to one of these guys that Im trying to really establish a relationship with, and then here comes my unk rushing out the door like a madman really gone crazy, starts yelling at me and is like "your here with me and you know that we aint spend no time together," cause we haven't. You see my and my unk always, one way or other end up having a falling out with one another, it would either be me, taking or "stealing" his car;taking some chump change from him (which I sincerly(SP) apologize for) or him being a total drunken asshole all the damn time, either way we wouldn't talk to each other for a very long time. Im sorry im getting off topic. He comes out yelling and screaming at me and all in my face, I start yelling back cause Im mad and a tipsy, then all of a sudden he pulls my hair with one hand and with the other starts choking me, so Im struggling to get him off of me and when he does I an opportunity to hit him in his face not once but twice, it felt so great cause me, Im a passive aggressive kinda person and I would anything to avoid conflict, and I never hit/ fought before so I have A LOT of anger inside me.ANYWAYS, I run inside to tell his girl that she has to go get his stank ass cause about this time Im hot. She goes outside and hears his story (which he said that I hit him first) and starts saying shit, were about to fight, then they walk to the car and they fucken LEFT ME, in a fucken town I NEVER been to, ever. I have to call my auntie for a ride home which is an hour away and 2 in the morning. Man, that was some fucked up shit yo, but I know now that family will turn on you quicker than your friends.