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the father from fuckersville

Lately i can't seem to go a day without getting my head ripped off my the old man... He just can't shut up about things i'm doing wrong or things that i'm not doing well enough, like for example, i got a B in a maths test and he threw a tantrum coz i didn't get an A! I got an E in the one before that! Oh and just so u no, he didn't talk to me for 3 hours when he found out... I've just implied that i'm going out on friday night and he just said "Not unless you get your grades up" and i just said to him "I'm outshining my target grades by 2 grades!" anyway i'm going out regardless so whatever... There's my rant... he's an ass and he needs a warning label with him...


I am sexy...Oh yea...
My dad is also an ass. I remember back in my Freshman year in High School. I brought my report card home and was happier than hell. I had Straight "A's." He looked at my report card and said, "Bring up these 2 A minuses." Handed me back my report card and told me to go away. I showed my mom and she said, " I got better grades than that when I was in school." Yea, I cried that night.

Mr. Sandman

acidum arsenici

Hey son...this is your father... you know Ive always loved you...How could you say that... I think we need to talk.., See me in the kitchen right now.


Banned - What an Asshat!
I think you guys have it too easy. I mean, you are probalby under a lot of pressure, but your parents wouldnt pressure you if they did not want you to push yourself. I know this because I am a parent. I push my kids because I do not want them to turn out like me, a mom at 17, high school drop out, working at a fucking call center for christs sakes. So here is a thought, instead of bitching about it, try telling your parents that the pressure is starting to get to you and you need some help getting through things or you might not make it. Usually explanations like that slap a parent in the face and they will work with you, not against you.