The first line of a book...


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I've been loathe to share my story I'm writing on the web because of all the theft of stories I've read of. But the first line of the book should be ok, just as a teaser. Who knows maybe I'll post more, I had a lot more done but my HD crashed and I had no backup so I've been re-writing some of it. Lucky for me I had printed a hard copy of the first 3 chapters. Anyhoo.. This story is not titled as of yet, and is about an Assassin in a magical world. It's not a PG rated one either, it's full on NC-17 for most of the book. My friends dig it, they like their fantasy a bit dark though. So tell me if this grabs you at all for the first line of the book. If not, tell me why (other than It Suxors). I've tried a few, but this one seems to give you a good intro into the main character quickly.

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