The Flaming Image

Miss Leo

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As twilight settles into the nocturnal recesses of the forest, the sounds that form an endless melody of serenity abound.
Roving through the thick, lush, brush of shrub and willow, passing beyond towering guards that canopy the Spring sky, a light catching the mind, beckons and draws you near her.

The whisper of the night wind forms upon the twisted leaves and whistles a note of foreboding as each step leads you on into the depths of darkness. The flicker of a flame guides a path not foreseen. The dulcet sounds of a raging fire licking
the cold night air. Peering into the glade, her vision appears.

A dancer gestures you to join her, writhing to the fires heat. The symphony of ageing cypress and the music of the fiddler.
A circle of Muses encompass this beauty set before you. Her eyes glisten in each flame of red, gold and singed amber. As she brings you close, a weakness pierces your still heart.

Endless dreams close before you as her hand touches yours. Pulled into this desire, your senses begin to lose their ground in a vast sea of stars as you are brought into her wanting arms.
Beware the embrace of forest dancers of the midnight flame...Never will you walk among us if you sleep within her kiss!

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