The Fool, The Wise Man and The Crazed Idiot


Angel of Death
The Fool, The Wise Man and The Crazed Idiot

Ever dream of picking flowers?
While allowing your fingertips
to glide upon ripples of indistinguishable desire.
Waiting for tiny drops of water to run down,
wash over you for that brief instant of life.
Maybe, allowing it to make you a child again…
Carefree with out a word to speak and only a smile.
Perhaps, an Old man who knows the meaning of life…
Aged with all the words to speak and only a frown to be had
Possibly even becoming touched to the point of insanity,
Crazed with out a voice and only a look of disbelief.
In the end when you touch that soul,
realize that you are only a fool of smile, a wise man of frowns
And a crazed idiot of fearful ways.
You can stop and smell those flowers with in your grasp.