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Fringe The Fucked Up Dream Thread


Curiously salty
Last night I dreamt that some one from the internet was begging me to piss on him, and I said no. Considering I woke up pantless....Im a tad worried that may not respect me anymore.
I need to break this down into meaningful pieces for you...

Last night I dreamt that some one from the internet was begging me to piss on him, and I said no.
So you turned down a cyber sexual dream pee?? Under what rationale? It was your dream... unless you are a frequent bed wetter (or had childhood experiences of same) : Next time... piss on him!

Considering I woke up pantless....
So - there's a wet theme running through this thread....

Im a tad worried that may not respect me anymore.
You can fake anything you like sweetiepie.. but respect in this sphincter ridden moral cesspit is -273 celcius

Respect from

W (illy) - gone
T (its) - gone
F (anny) - gone

(For what it's worth - the above is an exaggeration...none of those body parts had respect for you to start with - so 'gone'/'never existed' are interchangeable depending on confidence level)

Shouldn't be long til the next largactol injection - until then keep the jacket on nice n tight and head bang the soft walls away ....

Observatory point for you ...

Dream starts with watersports fantasy

Ends after 'getting pissed' session

Take control/give control/lose control... doubtless where the phrase 'bladdered' stemmed from :p


Cunning Stunt.

First off, I dont do watersports. I do alot of things but that is not one of them.

Second, what does pantless have to do with water, or anything wet? It means at some point I decided that wearing pants wasnt the thing to do at that moment and removed them. I take my pants off every night so the only worrisome part of that would be that I removed them downstairs at some point while on webcam. (or not, I cant say, but no one has come forward with stills so Im guessing no)

And the respect of didnt mean respect, it meant "oh shit, did half of the intarwebz watch me getting rogered by my husband and his vast array of vegetable madness?"


Curiously salty
And the respect of didnt mean respect, it meant "oh shit, did half of the intarwebz watch me getting rogered by my husband and his vast array of vegetable madness?"
Vast array of vegetable madness?

'Hole' new topic/thread..

I don't mind whether you do peeing or just the wholly unchopped contents of a pickle jar.

Rutabaga is the vegetable of choice now we're in a global recession... I read it on the side of the jar...

You know not to take anything said here to heart (artichoke or otherwise)...

I leave serious deviancy for those with more experience in these matters - I was just making polite conversation (in context) :D

The weather here has been reasonably inclement for the time of year - better!?! ;)

And the respect of didnt mean respect
Really? Wow... um...

If you hadn't said ...


I had a bad dream this morning.

Nurideen had sex with both my mom and my sister. I found out and couldn't stop crying and shouting. I would cry, but no tears would come out. It felt like I wasn't able to release the pain and sorrow, no matter how hard I tried to make tears. It was fucking horrible. I woke up and he was there to hold me.


Damn Drunk
My girlfriend and I were married and we had a kid.................................................................AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Banned - What an Asshat!
What different kinds of fucked up dreams do you have

I know there was a thread for this but I couldn't find it. That being said, if someone else finds it you can merge them together.

I keep having zombie dreams. Nightmarish mostly, rarely comical or fun but nonetheless they're always about zombies. It always ends up being me left alive, by myself. I've had zombie dreams that made me kill my children to keep them from getting eaten. I've had dreams about watching my lover become a zombie.

I'm awake at 5 am because I had a zombie dream that decided it wanted to continue even after I woke up. I'm getting tired of zombie dreams.

Anyways, so share your fucked up dreams here.


A true pillow sofa
I'm in an elevator.

I press the button that would get me up to the 22nd floor.

The elevator moves.

It gets faster.

I'm scared now.

It passes the 22nd floor in a blink of an eye.

I'm now thinking.

I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die.

It's already reached 3000+ floors.

And it's still going.

I begin thinking of my life back home.

My family and friends.

And how I wished for this fucking ride to just stop so I can figure out how to get back down.

There is a glass part of the elevator allowing me to see where I currently am.

I see the world as I pass it by, vertically.

Then the universe.

Then I get excited.

Will I be seeing aliens?

Will I be meeting God?

EDIT: Beautiful mysterious worlds start appearing before me, with life forms and a seemingly advanced technology.

I wanna get off, but it still continued on, more worlds started appearing and disappearing with the speed of the elevator.

Then it stops.

I finally reached a place.

It's full of life and color.

But I still miss home.

I went back to the elevator.

But it closed up before I could get in.

And it continued to go up.

Leaving me behind.

I wake up.


I sometimes have dreams where I'm in a movie. It's a movie I know, and I know how it's going to end. Sometimes I try to cause a different outcome, but it never works.


Banned - What an Asshat!

Was searching "fucked up dream thread" really that difficult?

I mean... it had to show up at the top of the screen when you typed in the title for this thread, in that "thread with similar names" area, with that message that says "please review these threads before creating a new one"
Way to be a douche. I searched for dreams, dreaming, and nightmares. I thought it was sufficient.


the little spoon
Zombies and you being the only one alive at the end: You're afraid of people leaving you, or of being alone. Why zombies? Maybe you're afraid your loved ones will hurt you, or that you don't have any control over their actions.

[/freud cap]

I had a dream that I got in this horribly disfiguring accident that left my face completely mutilated, Freddy Crueger style. My right arm was paralyzed but I regained motion even though the doctor said I couldn't. Through sheer stubbornness no less.

I think I've got a pretty good idea what this one's all about. Whenever I get fucked up dreams I just say 'meh, it probably means this' and shrug it off.


I had one a few weekends ago...the details have eluded me since then, but I remember the meat.

I was, for reasons unexplained, the target of action-movie-elaborate attempts on my life.

I think I was shot at, but I definitely remember driving like a large dump truck sort of vehicle and being attacked by a crane. No wrecking ball, just the crane.

At the end I was hiding in my room (old house before the move) with a bat for when someone came in...

but for some reason the next people to come in were a neighbor lady (that I've never seen before) and her daughter to play Scrabble.

What the shit?


Muchly <3
I had this bizarre dream about being stranded somewhere with the people...I don't remember most of it, really. What was significant to me was I dreamed about my grandmother who died in early 01. I'd been talking to William about her a few days ago and I mentioned how horrible I felt that I never said good-bye to her, even after all this time.

I'm in the middle of somewhere, I look up, and she's standing at this door that wasn't there before. She waves at me, I wave back, she blows me a kiss, and she left. I woke up crying, but I felt more at peace than I have in years.


stomping through the forest like a tiny dinosaurus
I only remember in Williams mother saying she hates my dragon tattoo, me starting in williams school(which is IT kind of..) and I had to start to write down the schedule and saw all the math and fysics(sp?) and I just told to myself oshitoshit I can't do this.

And then, the pow. I read a hospital thingy that said I had 15years left of my life, aka after that I'd die. I'm not all for dream intepretation. But it kind of shook me up. As it was "yeah I'm going to die after 15years, ohwell 15years is quite alot"..but meh, shouldnt read to much into it


imma beast!!
So one of my dreams, it was around 12ish and I'm at an awesome kickass party with EVERYONE I've ever known and it's all good its a great party lots of fun. Then I turn around and I see this guy that I don't recognize at all and I'm like hmmm weird I know everybody else who is this creeper? But I don't think too much about it. I go back to enjoy myself. Then for some reason I decide to go outside? So I try to leave but it wont let me. And then no-one can get out. I see the creeper again and now I'm worried so I run towards him but before I can get there he pulls out a pencil-knife, that's a knife that looks like a pencil until you really look at it BTW, and he stabs missy. I FREAK out and lunge at him but he just side-steps and laughs at my futile attempts to stop him. He kills codi, Jt, Jarek, mom, and for some reason a dog. Now I'm suddenly tied up and can't stop anything from happening and end up having to watch this stupid fucking creeper torture and kill EVERYBODY I've ever met in my entire life. After he finishes he walks towards my and I beg him to kill my too because I don't deserve to live. I couldn't help anyone my friends, my family, no-one. But he lowers his hood and stares me in the eye and says, "Why would I kill myself?" then the mirror shatters and I wake up in tears...I usually don't sleep for about a week after one of these dreams.


Two dreams I had last night:

1) Zombie apocalypse (I've been playing too much Left4Dead apparently). It started with us at my mom's house gathering everything we needed to get on the road and head to this safe house. My mom didn't want to go, she wanted to stay at her place and barricade it. I had 2 kids, Kane, and a baby that Brett and I just had a few weeks ago. She told me she was keeping Kane and for me to keep the baby. I cried and pleaded with her, but then decided it was for the best since we'd be on the road and Kane would be a hassle. So I tearfully left Kane with my mom, grabbing food, my cell phone, a change of clothes, and some baby stuff. We took a bus to this large building where a lot of people had barricaded certain rooms with hidden outside access. We went into one of the rooms, where a guy told the men that anyone with a car of their own could follow him in a bus somewhere to take their car; then they would all come back in the bus for us women and take us to the cars. Brett and his friend Josh left. While they were gone, the building got overrun; I slinked out a window just in time for the bus to pull back up. I ran in and told them there was no one left inside the building. The driver told me to hurry in, we were going to Clarksburg, West Virginia. I got in, and the bus took us to a place outside of Clarksburg where Brett had previously left the car. We got out, and Brett told me to leave the baby behind. I told him I'd already left Kane behind and that he was probably already dead with my mom, I couldn't leave 2 kids behind. He grabbed the baby out of my hand, placed it on the seat of the bus, and dragged me out. The end of the dream was us driving away, me looking out the window, crying.

2) Our wedding day. I was standing there waiting for Brett. Everyone was sitting there, looking at their watches, wondering why he was late. I had my cell phone tucked between my boobs; I felt it vibrate. I answered it; it was Brett saying he wasn't coming, that he didn't want to marry me or ever see me again. I hung up the phone and looked at the people waiting; the look on my face must have told them what happened, because they all started to whisper, then point and laugh, then they were all in hysterics laughing at me.


Laugh, and grow fat.
My fucked up dream

One night I had a really fucked up dream that I was a soldier in Iraq and I was in the middle of the desert. Well I'm just walking along when i get attacked by Taliban soldiers. well that is the least craziest part.

Then, the whole fucking world turns into a big acid trip. Everything turns into random colors, I don't know what the hell is happening, the Taliban soldiers turn into big ass lizards smoking cigars and laughing maniacally. Then the floor just falls out from under my feet.

Then I woke up in my bedroom floor, screaming. then asking myself "WTF?":confused:

Hadn't even been drinking that night or anything. Just a random fucked up dream.