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I wonder how many people actually read the posts in this thread... I know I have. You guys have a pretty fucked up subconscious, but it's okay because I'm sure we all do.

My dream involves Chris Farley, guns, and vodka, so you know it kicks ass. So I'm sitting in my history class, next to two of my friends, and we're discussing the possibility of a field trip to Europe. Chris Farley stands at the entrance to the room in a security guard uniform, not saying a word.
"Do any of you plan on drinking when we get there?" My teacher asks this and of course my friends say yes. Chris Farley proceeds to shoot them in the face. I'm the only one in the room appalled by this reaction, but the scene quickly shifts to Europe. I'm in some anonymous European city when I steal a bottle of vodka. I walk through a long hall and at the end of it is Chris Fucking Farley, decked out in his security guard gear. He points his gun at me, I flip out and run away into an open field where my teacher sees me. He tells me I'm in big trouble. I slowly turn around and Chris Farley is right behind me pointing his gun at me. Bang.

I wake up.


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One day I made a really good paper airplane and i forgot where it landed (It was underneath a dresser, stuck in a music stand).
The morning after i had a slight memory of the paper airplane again but I didn't know why. My sister told me I sleepwalked and started "strangling" and smacking around the music stand, makin a shitload of noise, waking everyone up, then I laid back down and didnt make a sound. lol

Another time it was like 12 am (bedtime around 8:30 at age 9) and i sleepwalked to the fridge, which I have to take a long flight of stairs down.. and almost took a leak in it! thankfully my mom caught me and sent me back to bed


Last night I had the most fucked up dream. I was in a house with Kristen Setwart and we came across this amazingly handsome guy (long black hair pulled back in a pony tail, tight black t-shirt, designer jeans, and muscles to die for) who was injured. (I don't even know how I knew he was hurt, but he was.) So, we get him onto this little short buss to take him to the hospital and all of a suddon, we're with Katherine Heigl. As the bus is driving by this wall, she whips out a BioLife debit card (those are the debit cards you get when you sell plasma) and she's trying to get something from a vending machine. I yell at her that we don't have time for that... and then my brother knocks on my door and wakes me up.

Totally random. I have some of the most fucked up dreams.


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Has anybody else had dreams of standing on a beach by the water with other people like you were waiting for someone to arrive or something to happen?


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Lol-not quite! It's one of those recurring dreams. Sometimes I'm just walking through the crowds along the sand, sometimes I'm in the water involved in something. Sometimes it looks like a Dali painting, with proportions all messed up. Once, though, I dreamed I was standing on the shore and I commanded a small band of angels to dive down. The sky was all red and the ocean was a scary purple. The water actually moved away from the angels and formed a vortex like a whirlpool around them as they dove in. The dreams are always lucid ones and vey intense albeit short. The beach has always had a significance with me, (I'm from St. Simons Island), because to me a shoreline is a physical representation of life's state-walking on what we know, looking out into what we don't, under all that there is. (Whoah, dude-heavy!) Insert bong hit here.


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I had a very weird, recurring and slightly variating dream about me still being in college and missing a class or failing to pass a requirement and some other event that would traumatize me had they been real. Then I would wake up and realize that I've already graduated and needn't worry about those kind of things ever again.

This went on for several days and then would stop for weeks only to reoccur again for another set of days.

After I finally got the necessary documents and clearance to move to the United Arab Emirates only then did they stop.

These dreams happened a year ago.

Nowadays, I wouldn't mind having them again. :)

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This is an extremely fucked up dream, so I'm going to cut out parts of it, as it is quite gorey.

I was rich, but hated my life. My home was a pirate ship converted into a house and it had a nice interior, and the aesthetic was that of 18th century Victorian. Very fancy. I lived with my Father, and he had us hold parties every night. Very elegent parties with masks and such, except these were fucked up masks that made me cringe every night when I went to "sleep".

Finally, I couldn't take my life anymore. I killed myself by having one organ removed from my body every night until my body shut down. I died, but came back to watch over my friends. It turned out, these "friends" didn't care about me too much. But without me, they started to go mentally insane, and started killing themselves one by one.

One girl locked herself in a dungeon/cellar to starve herself to death, she did it while listening to Industial music. The music was bizaare in my dream, and scared the FUCK out of me. She listened to the music for days, waiting for her death, her final hours came, she was weak, and the music came alive in her mind. Wires came out of the walls and clawed at her belly button, making it's way to her inward parts until she bled to death, it was very gorey. Another friend swallowed Draino, Lysol, and Bleach, but didn't die, so he took a match, lit it, swallowed it, and burned alive. I watched him die. I heard his screams. I cried for him. Another friend was creative as well.. he attached dynomite to himself, along with illegal fireworks, and set himself off downtown. His body scraped against the blacktop for 3 blocks, his inward parts littering a path to his dysfigured body next to a car. I mourned for him as well.

During all of this, I started to feel sick slowly, after each death.. until I found out I had cancer. I went back to my father, who was ANGRY that I killed myself, and had someone rip my intestines out from my belly, blood spewing from my mouth. As I died, I saw my friends walking towards me; smiling. My body started to shiver, and I jerked around. Then I woke up with a stomach ache, and the fan blowing on me.

I take some medication that give me some really fucked to hell dreams, so this is normal for me. Sorry if I grossed anyone out, I tweaked it the best I could.

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I had this really weird dream. It started out where I was just swimming through the sidewalk as if it were water. When I got bored doing this I stared flying around my town, but when I wanted to slow down and land, I couldn't stop and I was flying straight into the direction of this building and I began to brace myself for impact, but I just flew straight through the building without anything breaking. Then I woke up


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I had this really weird dream. It started out where I was just swimming through the sidewalk as if it were water. When I got bored doing this I stared flying around my town, but when I wanted to slow down and land, I couldn't stop and I was flying straight into the direction of this building and I began to brace myself for impact, but I just flew straight through the building without anything breaking. Then I woke up
Interpretation: You're gay.


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I had this nightmare that me and Tim Tebow were best friends, and he wanted me to go on a mission to some 3rd world country with him. I woke up in a cold sweat. I HATE THAT DAMN TIM TEBOW!


I had a bad one on the way home from Clevrland today, which is a 3 1/2 hour drive. I fell asleep leaning against the truck door with my hood over my head. Apparently I drifted seamlessly from my semi-conscious state to dreaming about leaning against the truck door with my hood down over my face, because it felt like I was still just laying there half conscious, until the door flew open and I fell out and saw myself roll across the pavement, skin being peeled off and head smashing off the concrete. I barely blinked the rest of the way home.


I had an interesting dream last night. Jane was in it. Started out as an apocalyptic/video game dream. Platform action and everything. There were dinosaurs. Then it turned into an erotic dream. There was fellatio, but guilt caught up with Jane before I could seal the deal... God damn christian morality...
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My boyfriend had a zombie apocalypse dream (we watched Dead Snow before bed, great nazi zombie movie). We were in a hatchback, he had an automatic weapon and was hanging out the back shooting the zombies but apparently I would only go the speed limit and they were starting to catch up. He kept telling me to drive faster, he was laughing and like, Baby they are catching up but I wouldn't go faster.


Darkling8, what I find to be the most messed up part of that dream is that you didn't crash the car...


I think as the THC is being purged from my body, I'm having more vivid and peculiar dreams. Especially when I take naps in the afternoon. I suppose it might also have something to do with the herbal antidepressant I've been taking.

So I had a strange one this afternoon...

I was either in the local airport, or one of the fancy hotels down here, or some combination of the two. Not sure why I was there, actually. Anyway, there was a vending machine in the men's room that had condoms, and various packets of OTC medications. While I was examining this vending machine, another dude walked into the restroom. He already had his junk out when he walked in the door, and his schlong was enormous. I tried to mind my own business and act as if nothing was out of the ordinary. As he approached the urinal, his cell phone rang. He answered, and started talking. He turned back around and left the restroom without putting his frank and beans away. I went back to examining the vending machine, and tried to buy some condoms, but when I put in two quarters and pressed the condom button, a little digital display on the front of the machine flashed "NSV" and the machine spat my money back out.

So I left the men's room, and headed back out into the airport/hotel proper. There was an ice cream place, and I tried to order a milkshake, but the place closed before I could make up my mind. So there was this karaoke machine in the lobby that accepted quarters. It had a big book of songs attatched by a chain, like phone books on a public phone. I started looking through the book, but every album was the sound track from a cheesy 80's movie. The pages in the book looked like the cover of the old movies. There were all 4 of the superman movies, I don't remember what else was there. The list of tracks were all too hard to read. Then the airport/hotel was closing, so I yanked the book off the chain so I could keep looking at it, and got a ride home with my friend Erwin who was murdered several years ago.

Erwin was driving a really beat up looking, but insanely fast Toyota Camry. Every time he pressed down on the accelerator, I could hear the hiss of the turbo, and feel the acceleration push me back in my seat. It was intense. We almost ran over several children. Then he dropped me off at my house, I asked him to take the song book back to the airport/hotel, got all my stuff out of his car (my trench coat, my bass guitar, and a suitcase or backpack) went in my house, and then I woke up.


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For years when I was a kid, I used to have a recurring nightmare that all the people in my grandparent's hometown turned into vampires. They were nonstop chasing me. In the end, my aunt takes a chunk outta my neck ... and I wake with a start. Nearly every time.